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    • Once again your politics is getting in the way of the facts. He did not serve two tours...he did serve 4 months in country. This is widely known, why you would pretend otherwise is beyond me.

      As far as two of his three purple hearts. Since he was not in combat when he received those two "wounds" what caused those injuries? Huh? In our area we would call them accidents, lot of sharp objects lying around in a warzone, but we wouldn't call them wounds.

      Then you smear the swift boat group, because it was financed by Republicans, and claim they have been shown to be frauds. Once again your politics is showing. Name one fraud...just one....come on think hard. I know of a couple events that their recollection is different than Kerry's but I know no fraud or even misrepresentation as Kerry has done.

      Remember Kerry himself said service in Vietnam or the military was unimportant as an experience for someone running for the president of the USA. He did this in 1992 in defense of Clinton when it was beginning to leak out about the dishonorable way in which Clinton dodged the draft. Now, of course, he has changed his mind again and service in Vietnam is important in a person's background. Once again in 1992 Kerry said what he thought others wanted to hear, sold his soul once again for political gain, just like two decades earlier in 1971. Is it any wonder that we hold him at arms length??

      Better than Bush, but is that really saying much?

    • Kerry Volunteered for two tours of duty. His second was on the swift boat where he earned a Silver Star, a Bronze Star with Combat V, and three Purple Hearts. So anyone who thinks he didn't do his part is just plain delusional.

      The republicans need to concentrate their attacks on events that happened 35 years ago because their recent record has been disasterous. What exactly are Bush's plans, and why hasn't he taken any steps to improve the country in the last 4 years?

      If you believe we need more fear, hatred and lies in government, vote for Bush. If you believe in a brighter future for the US, vote for Kerry. It's that simple.

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      • Why do you think Kerry would be all that different? I think you missed the point of the discussion. Most everything Kerry is promising won't happen with Republicans controlling Congress....and of course he knows that.

        His Silver Star and Bronze Star with V (meaning earned while in combat) were awarded for incredibly minor events. Two of his Purple Hearts were self inflicted, meaning he fell over his feet and scraped himself against boat. The other was probably worth a real Purple Heart for a minor wound...though the corpsman that treated him disagrees. His third PH was denied by his commander but a month later a new commander gave it too him because of Kerry's pleadings. The commander knew it meant Kerry would go home, but a new commander never wants someone who doesn't want to be there and contribute.

        By the way Kerry did not serve two tours of duty in Vietnam. The earlier part of his yearlong tour(6 months in the rear and 6 months at the front), was aboard a ship at sea....remember he was in the navy. No medals from the earlier voyage.

      • Gee, it seems so clear when you say it.

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