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  • cliffconnorton cliffconnorton May 10, 2005 6:59 AM Flag

    3 to 3.5 a share to day


    do the math

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    • xoma was a winner at 2-10 now looks like a winner at 1-10

    • JKzel, You are correct but Xoma is working on Numerous deals two of them large but no deal is a deal until it happens. I also believe that more govt deals are down the road. Plus xmp629 is not dead just screwed up the formulation. This will ressurect wait and see. Its going back into clinic, but will be back. Most of all they are reducing there spending and getting most all paid for by others including the govt deals this also helps cover there overheads. So in summary let me say that Jack and Peter have a plan, are executing it and its working. This is a stock that will come back and the returns will be great. I must admit my patience is being pushed as is yours and many others. But we have to learn to believe the science and not the hype. This stock is a 10.00 stock but will take time to get back there.

    • Chap - I never agree with you ... until now. Excluding the one time loan write off, Xoma lost 10-12 cents.

      In the press release they expect a modest 'gain for the year.' That to me means they expect to have slightly lower losses over the next 3 quarters which will erode this quarter's profit. They even suggets the losses will be lower do to less research and development expeenditures. They don't ANYWHERE forsee a dramatic increase in revenue.

      I'm long, so long that I have to get to $3.40 to break even. I am a 'Xoma cheerleader,' but 5+ years in this stock has taught me not to be an irrational one.

    • That's right--without DNA they lost .10--But the negatives are out of the way--They're controlling the burn rate and the revenues will continue to go up--no dilution at least until 2008 and a ton of potential good news.

    • wait one minute we can't get this party started without wilmingtonbob

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