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  • ladder9 ladder9 Apr 10, 2009 2:59 PM Flag


    Neuprex was the key to this company's success. When it sank, the company sank with it. I bought at 4 and sold at 15 despite talk that it was going to 50. I keep watching the stock for indications that it is going to go back up. I have been waiting a long Time!

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    • <<<It sounds like the kind of niche product that Xoma can excel at..>>>

      I think you meant, "It sounds like the kind of niche product that Xoma can CLAIM to excel at.":-)

    • >>>oncology has a much higher fail rate in clinical trials because xenograpts in mouse models are very poor at predicting results.<<<


      Say, maybe Xoma can breed smarter mice that are better at predicting results. It sounds like the kind of niche product that Xoma can excel at. All natural miracle mice that can predict illness. Sounds great to me.

      P.S. zummy, this is another example of humor so don't vent your bladder over this.

      Thanks loads for your consideration.

    • this is not oncology. Also, oncology has a much higher fail rate in clinical trials because xenograpts in mouse models are very poor at predicting results. Also, P1 in oncology usually involves about 15 patients, and any type of response is viewed as a positive (even activity in 1 patient), warranting p2. Remember, herpaceptin works in 9% of cancer patients and ~35% of patients with a specific gene expression.

      052 is not an oncology product, so the comparison is not very good. Also, the p1 trial had a larger population than most p2 and p3 cancer trials.

    • able_was_i_ere_i_saw_elba2001 able_was_i_ere_i_saw_elba2001 Apr 15, 2009 8:49 AM Flag

      It is a standard in oncology P1 trial patients were recruited. The usual things we saw in all those biotech products were that P1 data was better than P2 and they all failed miserably in P3. Given the P1 result here, I am not holding my breath.

      If the MOA is through induction of insulin, this product is going to fail because direct insulin injection will be a lot cheap alternative.

      What's your thinking?

    • <<<First, this is not dose dependent and no no-effect identified. The highest dose gave the lowest effect? In the cohort of 1.0 (best case), 0.6% reduction from average of 8.6% is still far way from the normal of 4.5% we looking for.

      It was dose dependent up to the highest dosage cohort, which was an f'd up group (diabetics for the longest period,etc.) I was also a little alarmed when I saw this, but think that it is ok.

      4.5%? Byetta can only get 75% of people to 7%, which is the standard and goal. Also, that was 1 month data, so the .6% reduction was fairly good.

      n=2 is sort of a joke, but it is a P1 trial in sick patients, so the sample size was pretty small. Clearly p2 will be conducted on a larger population.

    • <Neuprex was> 052 is

    • >>>Neuprex was the key to this company's success.<<<

      Well apparently not.

      Xoma is still wasting money on Neuprex and is currently testing it on impetigo and mersa.

      Given enough time Xoma will be testing neuprex, the all natural wonder drug of the century, on every possible malady known to man until they find something it can cure.

      Management simply can't bring themselves to the conclusion that neuprex is worthless and can only show successful results when used entirely in vitro, the proof of which shows up in some obscure abstract 6 months later.

      However, nonetheless, I have it on good rumor that the next battery of clinical trials on Neuprex will be conducted on human hemorrhoid irritation, athletes foot, jock itch, ber-beri, amoebic dysentery, and avian flu.

      I see you've only been posting here since the year 2000.

      Damn newbie!!!

    • able_was_i_ere_i_saw_elba2001 able_was_i_ere_i_saw_elba2001 Apr 10, 2009 3:56 PM Flag

      I just don't see anything good coming out of this. 052 is a crap with no indication of working either in diabetics and RA. Neuprex has been going on for ages and is a waste of money. BCE patent is expiring. Royalty is already pegged for debt. FTEs and collaborations are losing money. Tell me where is the value? I just don't see it.

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