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  • nynjlot nynjlot Dec 5, 2010 9:19 AM Flag

    here is the thoughts

    "That Engle and the BOD are taking this huge gamble tells us something about them and potentially about 052"

    What other optios do they have?

    But I do agree news/data will leak and trend of the stock price movement will tell the story. So add more if trend truns around which likely to happen after Xmas. imo

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    • They were supposedly offered a 5 dollar plus buyout over a year ago from Takeda and onother partner. This was all presplit, so it would be like a 20 dollar offer now. They most probably believed that 052 was too valuable a property to sell as part of a total package and elected to go on their own, entering into limited license agreements with Takeda on other Abx matters. Were they smart or greedy. Time will tell.

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      • exactly except 5 times 15 equals 75 dollars ..and now after further testing would only increase that value ..xomas reputation for not developing its own drugs could come to an end on this one ..instead of partnerships financing could come ..if you had a drug that would reduce health care costs think ..govt grants should be in order ..take a 20 billion dollar market 2 to 5 times a day diabetes treatment ..and reduce it to a once a month treatment ..that could reduce that 20 billion dollar market to a 2 billion dollar market ..reducing health care costs across the board would think this could get some attention in washington

    • Whadda youse guyz need? a brick wall to fall on your heads? Look: they have 6 month data on all subjects except those enrolled in June- in another couple of weeks they will have 6 month data on everyone. Didn't you ever hear of " interum results" I think, if I recall , some PR's might have mentioned that phrase. If this thing were looking so good, do you think they would have to continually dilute and the stock price would be falling and falling?
      just opinion

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      • Xoma is continually diluting says, stpete. Really, they especially addressed dilution in a recent presentation and they said have no plans to dilute further and that the posed deal is a negotiating tactic. Of course, that was Engle talking so it doesn't mean a thing. But, still "continually diluting?" They didn't dilute yesterday or today. Maybe tomorrrow.

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