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  • nynjlot nynjlot Dec 16, 2010 5:04 PM Flag

    so you tell me

    This stock can drop 2-5% with no volume easy! Today almost 1 million shares traded and SP only up 1-2%.


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    • there are multiple stock brokers working here sells to the other ..shorting the stock ..once all the shares are sold from one moron to the other ..they sell them back to the first guy ..then they start the process over again ....if its a big pharma trying to stop xoma because xoma will corner the market ..they dont mind losing a couple million dollars to try and stop xoma ..making it look like a bad investment ...any way the news thats coming out will require alot of minipulation to destroy xoma052 integrity .....look buy and hold your answer ..when the news comes out ..those short sellers will eventually run out of shares to sell ..this drug will prevail and other big pharma companys are worried about their stock losing equity .think about it take a desease that requires a shot 5 times every day ..and you make a new drug that only requires one shot a month just took a 20 billion dollar market and turned it into a 1 billion dollar market ..they dont like that ..but i think xoma will be successful unless they sell it off ..then big pharma will destroy it somehow ..some way ..they will destroy it ..thats why xoma needs to develope this on their own dont sell it ..

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