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  • redmercury82 redmercury82 Jan 6, 2011 11:56 PM Flag

    Tonight's AH was MM BS Games - Take it to the bank

    I watched this stock and this message board ALL DAY today (yeah I've got too much time on my hands) and here's what I saw.

    A) I noticed that EVERY time the stock pushed below $6.80 it almost immediately rose back up to $6.81-85. It dropped to $6.76 twice, and stayed there for a total of about 60 seconds. The support in this range was SOLID, and on high volume. Then, as soon as AH struck, the stock drops $0.80. As MANY people here have pointed out, the PR contained nothing but positive news, as expected, and the drop was basically NEGATIVELY CORRELATED to the news. The impression I just can't shake is that there were some specialists who wanted to keep this steady all day, drop the price AH and buy back as many stocks as possible at a gross. For any of the suckers who sold tonight, they took you to the bank.

    I also noticed B) that the only people criticizing this stock were making spam-sounding comments like "gotta get outta this POS, can't take it anymore, rip off, sick of watching it go down" and other non fact-based statements meant to serve one purpose: scare people into selling. By contrast, the posts supporting XOMA contained logical points, facts about the company, the deal, tonight's PR, analyst upgrades and so on. So while longs were pointing out that the stock is now rated between $8-16, shorts are quick to point out how Adam F'shisface doesn't like Xoma.

    Bottom Line: I call Bull$hit on this stock's after hour drop tonight and am looking forward to gains tomorrow and next week.

    Full disclosure: I loaded up today at $6.76 and am not phased one iota. The truth is I'm only kicking myself because of how many more shares I could've purchased if I'd known the AH games were coming.

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    • I watched it too.

      6.69 was the boarder line (up to sky or down huge). And was very happy we closed about it (the day before was pushed down).

      Around the noon time we had break out pattern, up 3 times then pushed down but each time up was higher than before, but the 4th time it got pushed all the way down to 6.8 and killed the chance of breaking out.
      Then thye have tried to pushed further to below 6.69 and they couldn't.

      Thought this will rocket after but by AH it pushed down to below 6.69.

      Sick of bear raid as AVNR (from 3 to 1.3 by FDA approval, then moved to 5.5 on following day). They steal many hard earn money or cause many losing shares by panic selling or stop lose.

      All the best for nice people

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