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  • gates_wanabe gates_wanabe Oct 14, 2012 10:10 PM Flag

    meningitis outbreak

    The CDC says more than 200 diagnosed in fungal meningitis outbreak. If it gets widespread the FDA will regret not approving Neuprex. Xoma failed to get approval in the face of reducing 75% of amputations.Failed to improved the death rate because patients didn't get the fully perscribed dose in time. The failure of Neuprex came in the trial design. NOT in the drugs usefulness.

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    • even if it woulda, coulda, shoulda:

      apparently many years ago:

      "DEERFIELD, Ill. and BERKELEY, Calif., Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Baxter
      Healthcare Corporation and XOMA Ltd. (Nasdaq: XOMA) announced today an
      agreement in which Baxter's Hyland Immuno division has acquired the worldwide
      rights to XOMA's NEUPREX(R) (rBPI21) for treatment of meningococcemia and all
      future anti-bacterial and anti-endotoxin indications. Meningococcemia is a
      deadly systemic bacterial infection caused by a species of bacteria that can
      also cause meningitis.
      The terms of the agreement call for XOMA to receive upfront and other
      payments related to the meningococcemia indication aggregating $35 million.
      Additional payments will be made upon the achievement of development
      milestones for future indications. Baxter will pay all future clinical
      development costs as well as royalties appropriate for a late-stage product.
      Under a separate supply agreement, a XOMA affiliate will manufacture the
      product for Baxter at its Berkeley facilities; Baxter has future rights to
      manufacture the product.
      XOMA's meningococcemia Phase III trial tested the NEUPREX(R) product in
      nearly 400 patients. The U.S. and U.K. study was the largest clinical trial
      ever conducted in children and teenagers with this serious and debilitating
      bacterial infection. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted
      the product Subpart E designation and Orphan Drug status for meningococcemia.
      "The science behind NEUPREX(R), and the BPI platform for product
      development, are complementary to our recombinant and vaccines businesses,"
      said Thomas Glanzmann, president, Hyland Immuno. "It serves as an excellent
      illustration of the strategic growth underway at Hyland Immuno as we diversify
      our biotechnology portfolio."
      "We're pleased to have Baxter as our ally," said Jack Castello, chairman,
      president and CEO of XOMA. "They have excellent worldwide marketing and sales
      capabilities, particularly in the critical care and emergency hospital market.
      With Baxter's involvement, we believe we can maximize the value of NEUPREX(R)
      by aiming not only for meningococcemia but also for a wide variety of other
      medical indications."
      "I am delighted about this relationship with XOMA," said Norbert Riedel,
      Ph.D., president of Hyland Immuno's Recombinant business. "NEUPREX(R)
      addresses an unmet medical need for a critically-ill patient population, and
      allows Baxter Hyland Immuno the opportunity to bring this product as quickly
      as possible to patients and their families who so desperately need it."
      Outbreaks of meningococcemia have become more frequent in recent years.
      The disease is characterized by very rapid onset of life-threatening symptoms
      with high mortality. In survivors, gangrene followed by amputation and/or
      central nervous system damage are common morbidities. Although the bacteria
      which causes meningococcemia are generally controlled by first-line
      antibiotics, there is no current treatment for the toxic inflammatory cascade
      triggered by bacterial endotoxin that can lead to organ failure, shock and
      Baxter Healthcare Corporation is the principal domestic operating
      subsidiary of Baxter International Inc. (NYSE: BAX). Baxter is a global
      leader in providing critical therapies for life-threatening conditions,
      focusing on blood therapies, medication delivery, renal therapy, and
      cardiovascular medicine. Baxter offers products and services that are used by
      health-care providers and their patients in 112 countries. The Hyland Immuno
      division of Baxter develops and produces therapeutic proteins from plasma and
      through recombinant methods to treat hemophilia, immune deficiencies and other
      blood-related disorders. Hyland Immuno's portfolio of therapies includes
      coagulation factors, immune globulins, albumin, wound management products, and
      XOMA develops and manufactures biopharmaceuticals at facilities located in
      Berkeley and Santa Monica, California. Medical targets include bacterial and
      fungal infections, infectious complications, immunologic and inflammatory
      disorders. The Company's primary drug development platform is BPI
      (bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein), a human protein found in white
      blood cells (neutrophils) and one of the body's natural defenses against
      infections. BPI was discovered by Peter Elsbach, MD, and Jerrold Weiss, PhD,
      at New York University School of Medicine. This news release contains forward looking statements that involve risks
      and uncertainties, including those related to timing or results of pending or
      future clinical trials, changes in the status of collaborative relationships,
      actions by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the U.S. Patent and
      Trademark Office, technological advances in the medical field, product demand
      and market acceptance, the effect of economic conditions, the impact of
      competitive products and pricing, foreign currency exchange rates and other
      risks detailed in the companies' filings with the Securities and Exchange
      Commission. These forward looking statements are based on estimates and
      assumptions made by management of the companies and are believed to be
      reasonable, though are inherently uncertain and difficult to predict. Actual
      results or experience could differ materially from the forward-looking

      SOURCE Baxter Healthcare Corporation"

    • give it up gates, Nuprex is dead- has been for 5 yrs
      just opinion

      Sentiment: Hold

    • this pos could fall to low 3s this week

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Fast Track Anyone?

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