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  • nediver99 nediver99 Jan 14, 2013 5:05 PM Flag

    to gates

    its because me and a lot of would be longs no longer trust the board every time share price jumps they dilute or plan a huge reverse split. i am holding all my shares that i bought pre split but i sold the 10,000 that i bought at 1.34 at 3.00 .will buy no more till their bloodsucking operating procedures change.just my thoughts,dont know if anyone else thinks the same way.i was a trusting long for a long time but no more

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Oh little kneediver is so upset with xoma, after defending her so bravely for so long. You took my slings and arrows like a trooper, and kept losing your shirt in the process.
      You are such a determined loser, kneepads.
      While xoma management may be bloodsuckers, you are still an uninformed khaksucker. Go put your pads to good use, knee-diver, and show the boys how you got your nickname.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • My hope is they release big news and we get over 10 this week. I would love to move over to PWE, DIS and BAC. PWE pays a huge div. I have been eyeing it for 7 years and it is at a perfect entry point right now. Disney is the greatest American company ever. I used to own PWE pre Xoma and my move to Xoma for Neuprex was blown up.

    • Mr nediver, please do NOT be so brutally reality based with the long pumpers. They could care less that your analysis is most accurate, for they are just riding the trading waves and raking in the $$.

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