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  • JJMOOSEMAN JJMOOSEMAN Aug 13, 1999 11:05 AM Flag


    monday we are going to move up to 15, then partner, then
    move up to 20. Good luck longs

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    • An historical point of view.

    • I agree with you. The fda has a lot of discretion
      in dealing with deadly diseases. They will consider
      serious nature of the disease, the high safety profile of
      the drug, the current lack of effective treatment,
      and the likelihood that no other drugs for this
      condition will be tested this extensively anytime soon.
      There is also a possibility that they will approve the
      drug while asking for a further phase 4 trial.

    • new filing at

    • The largest trade printed between 15:45 and 16:30 on 8/16 was 5700 shares at 15:51.


    • While I was typing, webringhomethebacondotcom also posted a very sensible point of view. I didn't see it until after I posted.


    • The FDA is a very strict and unforgiving God. It
      does not tolerate any deviation from the behavior it
      expects from companies with drugs in trials.
      disobedience occurs, punishment is swift, terrible and unjust.
      Therefore, smart CEOs do not hype, do not overstep, always
      say "May I".

      I am primarily from Celgene Land
      (CELG), but bought 1000 shares long at 6 15/16 a few
      weeks ago.

      Last October, the Arkansas Cancer
      Research Center gave Thalomid (Celgene's brand name for
      thalidomide) to 26 multiple myeloma patients
      who had been
      given up as hopeless -- they were expected to DIE. All
      other procedures, including multiple bone marrow
      transplants, chemo,
      radiation, etc. had been tried with no
      success. So Thalomid was used.

      Of the 26, the
      cancer was stabilized (16 cases) or eliminated (3
      cases). Thus, 16 of 26 survived when none of 26 were
      expected to survive.

      There are 10,000 + deaths
      from multiple myeloma each year. That means 5000+
      people could be saved if Thalomid were used for all
      non-responsive to other treatments.

      are bitching that share prices suffer because XOMA
      management won't step up to the line and say it all. At
      least 5000 multiple myeloma
      patients are dying each
      year because CELG management won't step up to the line
      and say it all.

      5000 doctors in the US are
      registered (to prevent pregnant women from taking
      Thalomid)to prescribe Thalomid, but only about 1000 are
      so. 4000 are holding back until the FDA blesses
      it, and their patients are dying. Hope none of them
      are your friends.

      Celgene's lips are sealed.
      They can say nothing.

      Although Thalomid was
      approved for the treatment of Leprosy, more than 95% of
      its sales are for multiple myeloma, glioblastoma,
      cancer and
      aids cachexia, and Crohn's

      Right now NCI is funding trials with Thalomid for
      eight different types of cancer. Colorectal was the
      eigth added to the list last week. But
      marketing of
      Thalomid does not exist except for Leprosy. Celgene can
      say nothing without risking very heavy fines, and if
      success fails,
      subsequent lawsuits.

      quarter's scrips increased 50% over last quarters' by word
      of mouth among doctors. Its all off label at this

      Bless XOMA's management for being
      PRUDENT ENOUGH to not hype, and thank them for their
      HINT. They were very thoughtful and



    • In the last 100 posts,

      biojunta post #
      erbob post # 9934
      grelan2 post # 9957
      post # 9972

      make sense. Also, my post # 9571
      explains why the FDA must be cowtowed to.

      BUT HERE

      The FDA wants
      treatments for diseases for which no good treatment exists.
      The whole concept of a "fast track" was created to
      save lives with the best possible treatment available
      -- and when a better one comes along, they can
      either withdraw the inferior one or let competition do

      Perhaps the FDA has wonderful intentions to make Neuprex
      available not only for bacterial menengitis, but because it
      will be available to prescribe off label, would be
      willing to let it be used for sepsis.

      A similar
      phenomenon is believed to have happened with Celgene's
      thalidomide (Thalomid). It was approved for leprosy, but
      immediately its use for aids wasting and cancer far exceeded
      its leprosy use. Blackmarket thalidomide was coming
      into the US and approving thalidomide under the strict
      controls of the STEPS program created by Celgene would
      keep thalidomide away from couples in the process of
      creating babies and newly pregnant women.

      I believe
      that the FDA wants to look at all the data to quantify
      the risks and benefits of making Neuprex available to
      patients who have no better choice at present.

      understanding of why XOMA management is very prudent about what
      they say is presented in post # 9571, which I will
      re-post right after this.

      I don't understand why
      nobody else thought of this.

      I tripled my XOMA
      holdings today at 5.


    • As byron says in "Don Juan": He knew not what to say, and so he swore.

    • The Blooomberg info could be extracted from what
      was said in the CC IMO. It is just taking the
      negative stance on what was already known. If it was news
      to any of you, better study up. Money-losing
      biotech: Known. Uncertainty: Known. That the FDA can
      dismiss during pre BLA: Known.

      As for Augustine's
      question/commentary during CC. Asking for a precedent? Well, look at
      the precedent in sepsis trials: To me it indicates a
      compelling need to EXPAND scope of trial to consider
      mortality + morbidity. This is what various investigators
      of sepsis have been suggesting for some time.
      VCitations given many, many posts ago. I thought Augustine's
      question of ethics was silly, considering that the data
      was already being gathered anyway. One could say it
      might be unethical to not consider it.

      back to the mistaken comparison that some think
      scientific research should be like legal work, with the FDA
      being some kind of supreme court. While Xoma must
      adhere to legal formailities, the mandate of science is
      to move forward, based on a foundation of what is
      known to then advance our knowledge. Augustine, this is
      not Tuskeegee.

      March of science and all of
      that. Biologic, did you all note JCs words??? thank you
      FDA for expanding the trial. I think it ethical to
      study the complete picture and this is not to be
      construed as a fishing expedition. Expansion: key

      Go ahead though, we shall see who has the last

      Agree with the stats person awhile back. I get

      Suggest you all consider the source carefully.

    • and away from everything, 'puter etecetera. On
      the beach!, afloat with seals! Answering 5 year old
      questions such as where sand comes from. Ahhhhhhh. Now for
      a late night session with Negra Modelo, to watch
      commentary on Xoma...FWIW.

      I have checked out for
      some time because I was not getting any info for the
      time spent. A simple return on investment. Pursueing
      other lead to let this one cook since i would not add
      or subtract, but have to say this is a tempting dip!
      so I Lurking here and there. I hope you understand
      given the quality of posts, as seen since the close.
      Monikers like "Fat Dick." Well what can I say: Pathetic,
      imbecile and short.

      We can do the "xoma" mention in
      subject as we did in the pas, eh?

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