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  • neilgolli neilgolli Dec 1, 1999 10:35 AM Flag

    anyone else see $2.50 today

    As I said yesterday the stock will fall today and
    hopfully down to $2.50 and I will then again buy it back.
    This will prove yesterdays end of the day rally was
    not based on any news or insider trading which should
    be odviouse considering that there was not a huge
    jump in volume. All that it was was a lack of sellers
    and people like me how had limit sell orders in that
    changed the price.

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    • late move up yesterday, you will not see 2.50
      today. What you do is your own decision (obviously).
      IMO, if any of the rumored reasons for the late buying
      are true, we will see another late flurry, possibly
      ending the day back at 3 or slightly higher. Time will
      tell. No special reason for my feeling. Good luck.

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