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  • barnardjohnthird barnardjohnthird Jun 27, 2011 12:16 AM Flag

    anyone with common sense can see that..

    First, it is not a quarterly dividend. It is a one-time dividend that may become an annual dividend depending on how things go.

    Second, they are buying back shares. Just look at the bid action and you will see that.

    Third, I have never seen that they announced a buyback before but did not make good on it. Can you link to that information, or say where you got it? Thanks.

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    • 1) i wrote the company myself and they responded by saying its a quarterly dividend, i believe them over you...

      2) bid action does not indicate its XIN who is doing the buying, the stock is stabilizing more than anything, not going up. still down over 1000% from when it went public.

      3) they did announce a stock buyback in early 2009 and did not make good on their promise, thus raising serious credibility issues... do your own DD

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      • Ok, you are right about the prior buyback, I found a reference to it on October 20, 2008. But I am pretty sure they are doing the buyback this time. First reason is they did it in conjunction with the dividend, which they paid. No reason to think they're not also buying. And the second reason is the bid action, I have noticed several days a huge block sitting on the bid and disappearing exactly at 3:30pm, when the company is no longer allowed to repurchase after. Now maybe this is another fund out there that is mysteriously dropping its bids exactly at this time, or maybe someone is trying to make it look like the company is buying back shares, but with such a thinly traded/watched stock, I doubt this type of shenanigans. The simplest explanation is usually the best, and here it is that the company is buying back shares.

      • "1) i wrote the company myself and they responded by saying its a quarterly dividend, i believe them over you... "

        This is new info for me, I'm going to contact them asap to confirm. Thanks for the info.

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