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  • stan.ackman stan.ackman Aug 2, 2011 1:27 PM Flag

    Stan, I think you are relatively new on this board


    Again, you need to do what you have said. If you think XIN is the best undervalued stock in the exchange, your current XIN position of only 6% of your portfolio does not make sense. Are you telling the others your other 94% of the portfolio may have higher return potential than XIN does? If so, you did not tell everybody what exactly you believe.

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    • Well, I am actually ready to place an order for 3K shares.

      I always have plenty of cash in my portfolio. If on the contrary, as you said, you have to sell one position to get cash to buy others, you must be a bad investor.

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      • You definition of bad investor isn't valid. If you read Buffett's annual letters before, you should know Buffett is the one always replace one stock to another because he prefers the later one. Are you implying Buffett is a bad investor?

        PS: I have plenty of cash on hand. I reduce my XIN holding to buy others because I don't want to change my cash holding in the current environment.

    • I can't speak for Connor.jin but your post makes little sense. "Higher return potential" is not the only factor in designing a portfolio, dude. Putting your whole portfolio into the places that offer the highest return potential is a quick way to go broke fast. XIN is a great buy as part of a balanced portfolio given the risk-reward right now, the consistent growth and now stock buyback and dividend. I am mostly in cash right now, but in case the entire world economy does not completely blow up, XIN should show very nice price appreciation.

    • Also, I hold many positions. XIN is the heaviest one already, more than my second heaviest BAC.

      FYI, all my positions are trading below book values, and forward P/E lower than 10.

      I do not use TA the pick stocks at all, as I am an investor, not a trader.

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