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  • shelly_showman shelly_showman Jan 18, 2012 8:43 PM Flag

    4th quarter revenues

    In 2009 4th q. revenue was 189m
    In 2010 4th q. revenue was 137m

    And those those were two good years in China real estate.
    Anyone want to take a guess what 2011 4th quarter revenue
    is going to be?

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    • The whole buyback thing is JB's baby. I don't care much about it. And if they beat estimates by a penny that is another JB obsession that I don't care about. I will start selling at 2.50 and will dump more shares if we hit 3. Reading posts on a message board can be fun but it doesn't change my thinking.

    • Ok Wal if you buy 1000 shares you have 500 ADR. Works for me
      And Catnipps I agree with you. Personally would like to see
      them pay down that 304m in debt. I guess the company thinks
      if they buy enough shares back their eps would increase by
      a penny and we'd be impressed.

    • Tut,tut Wal, not quite.
      1st q. .08
      2nd q. .20
      3rd q. .21

      You need .19 to make that .68, ah, but who's counting lol.

    • We have been through this Shell and you're just wrong. The earnings for ADR shares is 1.26 and the pe is 2. Thems the facts like it or not!!

    • Based on ADS that would be the correct market cap Barnard.
      I have a question for the board. Why would a Chinese company
      seek a listing on a US exchange, is not listed anywhere else,decides that an ADS will be 2 shares, yet that exchange
      quotes, sells the share as 1 share, not 2? How many people
      are fooled by looking at Yahoo (and not the filing) and later find out oops, you better double the number of shares,
      and cut that earnings in half. But that's ok, RENN is an even bigger con job, and their share price has suffered as
      well and that's what I think happened with this stock. It sounded much better than what it actually was. And yes, Wal
      I know exactly what you're going to say, and repeat daily lol.

    • What are you talking about, Shelly?

      This makes no sense, especially when you say the company is hiding the ball??

      Let's try it this way, do you think the company's market cap is around 180m, as Yahoo says, or is it half that, or some other number?

    • The earnings for adr shares are $1.26. Barrons has the same. This stock sells for 2 times earnings. Are you disputing that Shell?? All of my figures are for ADR shares. For regular shares divide the pps and the eps by 2.
      As far as my being right on this stock even an idiot gets it right once and awhile.

    • You are wrong Wal and you know it, so you're as bad as JB.
      You also know that yahoo has ADS and per share info mixed.
      Even the analyst brought up this situation on the last cc.
      XIN chooses what they show and does not correct the Yahoo errors. Everybody seems to know this except the ones who
      try to selectively ignore like you and JB. If yahoo were correct in putting the ads numbers, then they should be
      putting the price of the stock at this moment at $4.74.
      This imo is another reason NOT to trust what Chinese companies
      say, because they are very good at providing infomation as they wish. Even they can't make up their minds whether they
      want to use ADS or pps. And you blame the markets for being
      wary of these companies? You can't have it both ways, but
      they will try.

      Good call on your $2.50 Wal, you're almost there.

    • If Xin made 17 cents last quarter that would be 68 cents annualized. There seems to be some confusion over the word annualized. It simply means taking one quarter of earnings and multiplying by 4. The actual 12 month earnings of xin are of course much higher. Hope this helps.

    • Yeah, but this is the forum for XIN, which are only ADS shares, so EPS for XIN is 2x your values.

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