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  • w.ed93 w.ed93 Apr 3, 2012 11:59 AM Flag

    Advice From a Long Time Owner of XIN

    dude, anyone who says they sold and then buying back stock immediately ir-regards to the wash rule is an idiot and surely not a long term investor.. ok dude, you made a few dollars,,, guys like you are gamblers and will lose it on lottery tickets or vegas...... hope no one takes your advice and lose their shirt..

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    • First, and I say this as a friend, you shouldn't offer criticism using a device you don't understand.

      The wash sale rule doesn't apply here for two reasons: 1. The sales were in the money, ave purchase price $2.11-ish, so there's no losses to wash away. 2. Even if there had been losses involved in the sale, the account involved is a Roth, so any tax impact of the transactions are worn away to near zero by the magical impact of tax deferrment.

      Finally, is it really your opinion that people who followed my example this morning and sold at $3.85 are in the process of "losing their shirts"?

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