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  • doublej7844 doublej7844 Apr 10, 2012 10:34 AM Flag

    I emailed Tom Gurnee

    to clarify what he said in the q4 earnings call. wasn't asking for new information, just to clarify what he said. I don't expect to hear back...

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    • this entire thread is silly. first, lets just assume that doublej emailed tom and that tom replied bc arguing that point is a waste of time. second, i think doublej (along with everybody else) is reading a way too much into Toms reply.

      doublej asked "Should we expect a separate announcement regarding the dividend before April 20th, before the 20F filing or some other date? I am just looking for clarification on what you stated in the Q4 conference call."

      toms reply was "Next week." why are you all assuming that that means dividend will be announced next week? perhaps he just meant that there will be more clarification next week. maybe the 20F will be filed next week. he NEVER said the dividend was being announced in a week.

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      • I concede your argument, he did not specifically say "dividend next week", he only said "next week". I can't argue with that. I do want to thank you for the leap of faith and assume he actually responded to me. So if you emailed him and he responded "next week", you think that means there will be "clarification next week", not a dividend declaration? I mean he only stated in the last conference call that he'd declare a dividend before the 20F or April 20th (this is not clear), but either way, his response would be consistent with what he already said. If he doesn't declare the dividend within the next week, then he told us the wrong thing in the conference call and then followed up with a email stating the same wrong thing...,but like I said, you are correct, he only said "next week"...

    • FWIW,

      I also emailed Tom. My email was very cordial. He has yet to respond. So, believe what you will .....

    • I emailed Tom Gurnee this morning regarding the dividend announcement. There is still no answer from him yet.

    • I've also emailed asking about this. No word back yet, but I will let everyone know if I hear.

    • "double jeff", If what you say is true -- no dividend announcement next week -- then why did you feel the need to create an alias to post it? What's your 'usual' ID?

      I just sent an email to XIN's Investor Relations. I'll post whatever I get back.

      Also, FWIW, I'm not DJ, but since I think he's an extremely bright poster, I certainly don't mind being mistaken for him.

    • I found you and hmmm are perfect partners for this "next week" dividend announcement. Very good one two punch. Are you two the same guy?

    • Too bad he didn't tell me what day of the week. Oh, well. You can delete your alias when the dividend is declared. Or if you are like most loser trolls, you'll be onto a new topic by then.

    • I registered this ID after I got a response from Tom. The response is totally different from what you said. I hope somebody else can confirm to prove who is right.

    • You spend enough time creating a new account and changing the email I sent, but you won't spend 30 seconds emailing Tom. What's wrong with this picture...

    • Or It can be like this:


      Apr 10 (1 day ago)

      to me
      Sorry it is a short response... Our auditor has a serious concern to sign off our F20.

      From: X
      Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 10:48 PM
      To: TOM
      Subject: Re: Dividend Clarification

      Thanks for the quick response.


      On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 10:32 AM, TOM <> wrote:

      I can't disclose that, Jeff.

      From: X
      Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 10:31 PM
      To: TOM
      Subject: Dividend Clarification

      Dear Mr. Gurnee,

      I am a investor in Xinyuan Real Estate (I own x shares) and I would like you to clarify what you said in your previous conference call. Should we expect a separate announcement regarding the dividend before April 20th, before the 20F filing or some other date? I am just looking for clarification on what you stated in the Q4 conference call.


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