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  • lizhang200 lizhang200 Aug 12, 2012 3:42 AM Flag

    Back up to 69% increase on brokerage

    What is the fastest legal rate at which shares can be repurchased? Someone mentioned it before, but I can't recall it.

    Other than the approximately 1,000,000 shares that XIN repurchased during the last quarter, do you know of any statements or other evidence hinting at how fast they would like to repurchase shares during the coming quarter? For example, did they indicate that they plan to repurchase shares as fast as they are legally allowed?

    I think predicting XIN's repurchase rate is tricky. In carrying out the repurchase plan, they're going to have in mind the effect on their quarterly reports. Also, inasmuch as is possible, they're going to try to avoid driving up the price so as to repurchase the shares as cheaply as possible. At the same time, significant volume and price increases during the next quarter may prove unavoidable, which will put pressure on XIN to repurchase more shares before the price gets too high, which of course will drive up the volume and price even more.

    Someone also mentioned a three-day blackout period following the quarterly report during which XIN cannot repurchase shares. Does that rule definitely apply in this situation? The "three days" mean "three business days," correct?

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    • Yes, I read it as 3 business days as well. They have not said how fast they would purchase shares, but they have purchased around 1 million shares a quarter, so I am expecting them to do at least the same.

      They can purchase up to 25% of volume, so if volume goes up, they can purchase more shares, so who knows, they may be able to purchase more than their 1 million shares a quarter for the future.

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