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  • acorisk acorisk Aug 15, 2012 3:57 PM Flag

    List of likely paid bashers - please contribute

    This board came under fire yesterday (mon) about 12 noon. Intense barrage between noon and 2p to sow fear / uncertainty and doubt -- at the same time (1p) a large sell order occurred.

    The good news - the stock matters to the market now.
    The bad news - some very clever folks are clouding the discussion, making it seem as if it's much more one sided against the company than it would be with out the bashers.

    PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO THE LIST - Transparency works best in this situation. Goal = normalize the board back to real discussion....

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    • Hhhmmm if you believe that market manipulation does not exist or that is prosecuted since it is illegal, it leads me to believe that you are not very familiar with how stock markets actually work. As an example take what they call 'bear raids'; one recently happened with ARNA just before approval of its antiobesity drug. In 10 minutes on unusually high volume worth many USD millions, just after a reduction of a price target by an unknown analyst, MM's/HF's let the price drop by nearly 50% taking out all stop losses and drove again the price up back to almost where it started. This is just one of the many examples. I do not know the name of who did it I only know that it could only be one or more MM's/HF's and it was reported to the SEC by many people and nothing happened, as usual. You need to be careful with stockmarkets, confidence and trust are at all time low and cheaters are ready to do everything they can for money

    • This is a repost of a reply to Stacani's comment above, that maybe market makers employ paid pumpers:

      Do you really think market makers employ paid pumpers? Market manipulation's a hardcore felony.

      Do you really think sophisticated market makers would be dumb enough to risk their reputations and millions of dollars in revenue losses for a few bulletin board posts, of very dubious value? It just doesn't make sense.

      Can you name any specific market makers that do that?

    • I think those numbers are way, way off.

      I'm not sure what the deal was on that counter, but my guess is maybe 2 to 5 people read the average bb post, and that 99.999% of the time they do, it causes them to do nothing: not to buy or to sell.

      You were counting as 'influence' just the act of reading the post, but if that were true, wouldn't people care what's written on Seeking Alpha? I don't even let my news censors send my any SA pieces; I consider worthless.

    • You think market makers employ paid pumpers? Market manipulation's a hardcore felony.

      Do you really think sophisticated market makers would be dumb enough to risk their reputation for a few bulletin board posts?

      Can you name any specific market makers that do that, or are you just guessing?

    • OK, let's say 50. If each one owned say 3000 shares, or $10K each. $500K worth of influence.

      Someone prove me wrong....please.

    • Lurkers around 50 sounds plausible. When I used to read the FEED board, I posted a link that had a counter (I wasn't posting it for that reason, the site just happened to have one like ebay) when I went back to check it had 60-70 more hits that when it was posted. I don't know if duplicate clicks from the same person counted multiple times, but to me it was eye-opening. I thought maybe 20 based on comments, but seems like there were another 50 or so silent viewers.

    • On the subject of MB influence, how many actual investors in XIN actually read this MB? I would think there are probably about a base of 20 people that contribute regularly or semi-regularly, but how many lurkers would you think there are? Another 50 perhaps? Anyone have an idea on the number of lurkers out there?

      I personally believe the MB's have a pretty negligible influence on a company's share price, perhaps maybe 10-15 retail investors are influenced from time to time.

    • well said. thinly traded stock, easy to publish information can move some stocks quickly.

      I do believe it is more than coincidence that we have a number of new IDs on this board just since Monday (a few were present once or twice before) with a consistent message of fear, uncertainty and doubt, with an increased intensity around the time of a 1pm big sale on Monday.

    • MM's do.
      With less than USD 1M shares value traded each day, it is easy to influence the share price with a relatively small sale or purchase and this is done by the handful HF's trading this stock. This is quite often supported by messages or 'news' fed on yahoo mb or headlines. BTW I do not believe that i ever told hhhmmm is specifically using different aliases, but now that you bring up the issue I start to believe it might be actually happening :-),

    • Stacani, you believe in paid pumpers / bashers?

      Who do you imagine is their employer? I mean, who pays the "paid" pumpers?

      I also somewhat disagree with your other suppositions. I only post under one ID (heck, I only HAVE one ID), and I never, ever post to a board thinking I can move the market.

      I post because bulletin boards provide a good sounding board for new ideas, decent peer review of ideas once they're formed, and sometimes provide a pool for finding excellent research partners.

      They also occasionally save me time by providing answers to questions I would otherwise have to research myself (as you and I, I think, recently helped one another out on the question of Treasury Shares).

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