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  • staccani staccani Aug 16, 2012 8:50 PM Flag

    List of likely paid bashers - please contribute

    Hhhmmm if you believe that market manipulation does not exist or that is prosecuted since it is illegal, it leads me to believe that you are not very familiar with how stock markets actually work. As an example take what they call 'bear raids'; one recently happened with ARNA just before approval of its antiobesity drug. In 10 minutes on unusually high volume worth many USD millions, just after a reduction of a price target by an unknown analyst, MM's/HF's let the price drop by nearly 50% taking out all stop losses and drove again the price up back to almost where it started. This is just one of the many examples. I do not know the name of who did it I only know that it could only be one or more MM's/HF's and it was reported to the SEC by many people and nothing happened, as usual. You need to be careful with stockmarkets, confidence and trust are at all time low and cheaters are ready to do everything they can for money

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