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  • tony751225 tony751225 Aug 22, 2012 9:12 PM Flag

    Why does Blue Ridge Capital LLC sell its shares now?

    Who could give me the answer ? Why does Blue Ridge Capital LLC sell its shares just now ?
    Don't they know XIN's so undervalued now like you and me ? They have hold so many years .....

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      Taking the starting point my total ignorance on stocks, it's striking -especially in those that have a very low float- that one bank or one hedgie, or one fund with a dominant amount of shares inside.

      While the company doesn't get some economic or financial autonomy, they are who regulate the pps at their 'll. And when they can't do that leaving in the same way they arrived.

      Doing the same question to myself like in GRRF where WFC maintained a significant number of shares to...the last day???

      Which is the Blue Ridge average? How long they are keeping their XIN?
      Since when BR 's THE GREAT INSIDER like Juan? (a joke of course)

      To sell this stock even if they are knowing about a great coming catastrophe or double dip on the markets seems quite illogical knowing that the same sick market is able to climb 500% in a few months calling that a recognition of the real value ...

      the best weekend for everyone including your family.
      to get from 4% to 6% by a divy during a year when your fuqy USD remains "strong" looks like a very smart pos.

    • There is a new trend developing that banks start to redeem their money in hedge funds. As a result, hedge funds and private equity funds have to sell their investment to meet investor redemption requests. I am fairly certain that the reason that Blue Ridge want sell some their XIN shares. Sure, Blue Ridge will never tell you that itself. In summary, Blue Ridge sells XIN shares because XIN is doing well and will continue doing well in future. Ask yourself, what you do to meet margin calls? I guess your answer is to book some profits by selling some your winners.

      Hope this address your concern.

      Enjoy the raise of XIN and enjoy the negative messages from those who want buy into XIN.

    • Because Blue Ridge, as a major shareholder, knows some information we don't know. According to that information, they want to liquidate all their XIN holdings.

    • Need the money for hookers.

      Or private equity.

      Better returns in private equity.

      Avg. 153% in three years.

      That's where I work. ;)

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