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  • john.hertford john.hertford Aug 25, 2012 6:57 AM Flag

    If the Chinese build it run for your lives

    I imagine you in panic sprinting away from your fridge after reading this.

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    • i imagine you wetting your self running

      • 1 Reply to rumandcoke101
      • I imagine you quietly crying while teetering forwards and backwards after pleasing yourself, spilling your rum spiked coke in the process.
        Then you slowly and shakingly wipe away your tears of frustration, gather all your courage and, driven by the now surfacing anger, waltz towards the computer.
        Eagerly you wipe up yahoo finance, open the XIN message board. Your heart now starts pounding but this does not irritate you, you have let your emotions take controll of you for far too long.
        Hastily you start typing mentally repeating "I am not a victim anymore" over and over again. Sweat starts to drip down you forehead but this only encourages you, your masterpiece is almost completed.
        Take a step back, the words "i imagine you wetting your self running" glow on the screen, radiating courage, intellect and sophistication.
        You close your eyes when you press the send button. Theres no going back. Its done. Thatll show them.

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