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  • peregrinearchery peregrinearchery Sep 18, 2012 2:42 PM Flag

    Found an article on the Nevada purchases

    Making wild assumptions about what the US government will do without basis IS NOT learning something new. That is sheer dribble that shouldn't be posted because it is in its very nature useless. There are many negative things about XIN, Talk about those instead of making shi* up. I'm all for new information, as long as it's ACTUAL information about XIN.

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    • Do I have a right to speculate? No matter what, you got my message. I bet you are worried as badly as you can about the potential restriction. Otherwise, you would just ignore what I said and do not have to let me shut up. You are afraid.

    • I agree, that was a completely unfounded thing to say, but, hey, if we raised the bar so high we outlawed unfounded statements on a BB, how many of us would even be left?

      Plus, I think he's right about one of his other points: I very much doubt the Chinese have any idea where northern Nevada is located, much less are lining up to buy 2nd houses there. Reverse the question, and ask it of yourself: Besides Guangdong, how many provinces in China can you name? How many non coastal cities? (Although you and I share an interest in WWII, which gives us Nanking, I still don't really know where inside China its located).

      My own answers are "none" and "very few" and I suspect similar answers would be given by Chinese nationals if we asked them about US states and cities.

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      • This can actually be a positive. XIN can manipulate their buyers into buying overpriced US land and homes with their fancy videos (see the Irvine apartment video, that was ridiculously hyped, it's a nice place and I've been to the apartments, but it doesn't deserve that video, it's also located a few inches from a construction site and a major freeway, and the main street next to it always has traffic) but that doesn't matter because the Chinese won't know and will buy anyways which gives XIN earnings.

      • Many of my wealthy friends in China get call from housing agencies everyday about buying properties in China. In China, many people only care about making quick money. They try to persuade those affluent people that US housing market has bottom out and you can make money their as easy as in China 10 years ago. The heuristic bias makes them incline to make an real estate investment with less due diligence. However, even so, they still much prefer places such as NYC, Bay area, etc., in which have more Chinese population. Also they learn one fact from their experience in Chinese real estate boom: the bigger city with less land supply will help their investment appreciate much faster. So, I suspect the demand for the Reno properties will be hot.

        Regarding my speculation regarding the US response. It is not wild at all. Back to the 80s, there are law makers considering such restriction to counter the Japanese property buying. Luckily, Japan's economy crashed soon after its oversea RE purchase boom. So, the congress does not have to do anything. Let's see if history will repeat itself.

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