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  • lizhang200 lizhang200 Sep 20, 2012 10:57 AM Flag

    How To Double XIN's Price

    Of course you didn't know the foot massage places offer that kind of service prior to entering the establishment -- of course not.

    Regarding the wives-for-sale deal, it might be cheaper to just get serial girlfriends. You'll just have to occasionally pay for her meals and buy her clothes when she asks for (demands) them, and of course the relationship will naturally terminate after a month or two anyway due to cultural differences (e.g., the Chinese habit of excessive fraternization with the opposite sex while in a relationship, the increasingly frequent demands that you buy her stuff, the public temper tantrums whenever you don't do what she wants quickly enough), at which time you can just switch to another girl.

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    • Funny that you mentioned it, but I did not know the foot massage places were in that type of business, my Chinese girl friend told me. I know, but sometimes the weird story is the true story.

      I love Chinese foot massages. I have trouble with my feet and go religiously once a week. I have not felt this good in years. If I spend the rest of my days in China, one of the reasons will be Chinese foot massages.

      I will not do the wife-for-sale thing. It has to do with being morally opposed to that slavery thing. I do not know how the economic thing would work out but based on my experience with Chinese women I doubt $ 750 a month is the maximum hit. Nevertheless, I think overall if it was just a dollars and cents decision the wife-for-sale deal would be cheaper.

      There were two culture hurdles for Chinese girlfriends and me. The public temper tantrum was one. The first time I totally over reacted. Man, where did that come from? The second one is lugging the damn purse all over kingdom come.

      I just remembered another source, the KTV girls.

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