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  • peregrinearchery peregrinearchery Sep 22, 2012 6:53 PM Flag

    To Hmmm26

    Noticed the pain you went through to get shares of XIN to short. Might I recommend moving to Interactive Brokers? They currently have 550,000 shares available for retail investors to short of XIN. They have the best borrows of any non-prop broker in the world. Sadly they didn't have BVSN the last few days but they can't be perfect. Oh, and the commissions are top notch.

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    • Hey, thanks a lot, Peregrine. I wish you'd been around when I was fighting tooth and nail with E-Trade; you could've saved me some headaches.

      Does the "Interactive" in Interactive Brokers mean anything special, or is that just the name of the broker (I swear that name's familiar to me, but I can't place it)?

      On the good commissions thing, how good are we talkin' here?

    • I know your message was intended for hmmmm, but wanted to ask you a few questions about IB. First, do you find it easy to use? Have you gone back and compared transaction costs? I know IB would/should be cheaper transactionally, but was wondering about the data fees making it more expensive.

      I have opened an IB account, only to have it go unfunded because of my own apprehension around the change in fee structure and not fully understanding their systems. What has your experience been? Do you find the workstation easy to use?

      Thanks for any feedback

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