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  • growth.value growth.value Sep 29, 2012 9:23 PM Flag

    Suddenly Bulls Forget Something Called SG&A

    I know XIN may sell those condo in Williamsburg for millions of dollars according to the current price and future housing inflation. However, bulls should not assume a decent net income contribution for the NYC project.

    Contractor cost are weigh more expensive in the US than in China. No to even say other labor cost associated with selling and administration. Remember this project is in NYC, XIN can have little leverage from the current operating expense for the US projects.

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    • WEIGH more expensive?? Are you really that dumb??

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      • The original poster, my estimation, is non-native speaker. The word used "weigh", a verb, and the correct word "way", a noun, share the same pronunciation. The meaning is only determined by context. As it is clear to an English speaker you cannot have concurrent verbs without some punctuation, for a Chinese speaker it is not so clear. Chinese uses co-verbs. Concurrent verbs are frequent.

        I am confident the poster will not confuse weigh and way again.

        By the way, "way" is not a stylistic recommendation. Omitting the word would have made the sentence more impactful. As well as. "than in China" as the reader world infer the comparison by context.

    • The press release addressed this issue. There are no more administrative costs on this project. As Irvine is a developed property, there will be no admin. The Reno property is plated with utilities but was bought out of bankruptcy, as such most likely "as is". Selling costs are baked into the ASP in the US.

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