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  • bab10m bab10m Oct 11, 2012 9:46 AM Flag

    emailed both Tom Gurnee and Helen Zhang

    No, I was polite and just wanted to know some more details about the two transactions from Gurnee. No response.

    I also asked Zhang to forward an email to the CEO, I asked her merely to acknowledge the receipt of my email, no response.

    I remember I sent them emails quite long time ago about something, got no response.

    All these things add up, good corporations don't behave like that.

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    • Clearly if you were asking for details that were not public, I can understand you not getting a response. Instead you should have just told them - here are some of the details I would like you to talk about in the next conference call.

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      • No, I'm not talking about whether they discuss the details with me or not, I'm talking about a "response", even a standard prepared response, but even that is too much for them I guess. No wonder the stock price is trading at a fraction of the book value. People are questioning the integrity of the company's book and they are arrogant enough to ignore investor's questions. How is that?

    • I have been ignored by investor relations from so many different firms so many times, that I no longer take it personally when it occurs. You shouldn't either.

      Ask your questions on the call and try not to get so upset about the lack of email response. In addition to answering loads of investor questions, executives have a business to run - shareholder inquiries are secondary. If they don't bear down and focus on running the firm correctly (particularly CEO/CFO), it won't help that they answer all your investor questions. The investor relations people should be more receptive, but they often don't have the knowledge like the executives to correctly answer your questions.

      In case it helps, when emailing questions keep them short and to the point and don't ask too much from them. Executives are not going to through a windy, long email with a laundry list of requests. They are busy, they get hundreds of emails, and it just won't happen. I am not saying your email was that way -- it is just a helpful hint in general.

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      • @mscrouse, do you normally email CEO / CFO level people?

        I think your response rate will shoot up to very near 100% if you set your sights a little lower and email the IR dept itself.

        My experience with XIN is the exact opposite of my normal IR relationship. For every stock I own, I make it an absolute priority to get to know at least one IR person by name, and for them to know me. I'll sometimes even send in extra rounds of correspondence to further that goal.

        Once you get known, I think you'll find your questions are always answered, usually very quickly, and sometimes with useful, additional information that a stranger wouldn't receive (just today I received an email answering my question about the progress of a negotiation where my contact -- without violating any securities laws -- gave me her impression of the negotiator: he was "feeling great things," "might not be long now").

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