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  • doublej7844 doublej7844 Oct 11, 2012 3:46 PM Flag

    Lurkers, Please Join Us

    I totally disagree. There are probably 20 lurkers at a minimum. I posted before that once, on another stock board (FEED), I posted a link to a site that had a counter on the bottom. Before I posted the link (a page nobody would just visit on their own), the number was about 5, by the next day the number went to 75+. The only thing I couldn't exclude was repeat visitors (though there was no reason to revisit). So maybe 20 people regularly posted on the board. If you assume everyone looked at the page, that would have moved the counter to 25, nothing near 75.

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    • I hope you're right, but I remain somewhat pessimistic.

      On the page with the clicker data, there were only 5 total hits when you posted the LINK? Was it brand new or something? Had it just been "born", and if so, how can you be sure the hits were from your posting the LINK and not from whatever announcement steps the page's owners took, even if it was just to be on Google?

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      • This person "LSfeed" who posted on the board didn't care about using his real name, George G. (His profile stated he was from Chicago, too). Some one on the board looked him up (googled) him and found out his wife's name. Not to be intimidated, George, himself logged into yahoo using his wife's login and began posting under her account (to show everyone he was not scared of them knowing this) - but by doing this validated that they did indeed have the correct person. Then someone found his apartment (owned, not leased) was listed under his wife's name in Chicago, and posted the address (so a lot of us had a good laugh), but we could also zillow and use google maps to see the building. Then for the hell of it, I tried myspace with George's name and I had a hit to a public record. In this myspace account, there were pictures of him and his wife (and his profile spoke to his wife etc).

        Now you will agree that NOBODY uses myspace anymore. At one point I posted a link to a picture of him and his response was, "congratulations, you found me". The link to the picture had a a counter under it which at the time had around #$%$ after I posted it, the last I checked it went up to about 75. Just an FYI, he now has a public facebook page, too. He just doesn't care. I could probably get him to post his checking account number on the board and he would.

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