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  • john.hertford john.hertford Oct 19, 2012 3:27 PM Flag

    Divy, divy, divy time

    Shelly, why do you always start tons of negative threads when good news come out? And why do you sound so upset in them? Why invest yourself emotionally when you are apparently not invested monetarily? You are really strange...

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    • Ha ha John. I'm not 'invested' in this one period. As to why now, it's the first opportunity I've had since you'll notice I've barely posted until today in the past 2 weeks. And upset? Are you joking?
      Or are you making the assumption I'm a female and that's what they do? I wouldn't make those
      assumptions by the name. Let Star do the assuming.

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      • No, Shelly, not because of your unisex name but rather because of threads like this particular one. Reread your initial post, does it sound rational and constructive to you? Did you compose it with the intention of sparking a rational debate? I dont think so - I think you sound irrational, a bit upset.
        Why do you even donate all this time to this stock if you are in no way invested in it? Im not making any assumptions along the lines of you being a "paid basher" or similar #$%$ here, Im just curious from an entirely human perspective...

      • Infn, you're posting in caps again, are you tense because you haven't sold yet and don't want
        any posts upsetting your apple cart? When you, Jef and Wal start making the 'you haven't been right yet', posts, should be a tip off to others that I haven't been wrong yet, lol. Please tell me did I make a prediction that I'm not aware of? I won't make those on the stock because it just helps you out once you've sold as we seen before. I'm getting ready for another post of yours saying Xin to $1 wasn't it? LMAO

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