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  • wow1smallworld wow1smallworld Oct 21, 2012 2:31 PM Flag

    Could people take their politics talk to politics message boards?

    It is getting so that this board is more politics than stocks-nothing but useless clutter here.

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    • Shel, do you really believe that people are posting about politics to distract from XIN, rather than because there's a Presidential election only two weeks away?

    • @wow, you've been on this board like 5 seconds. Aren't you a little green to be issuing demands?

      Besides, there's only two weeks left until the election.

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      • 'a little green to be issuing demands'? What the heck is that comment about. You think you need
        to be invited to a message board Hmmm. How about when you started posting here. Did someone tell you you were a little green? Lol. This board has really become comical with it's manipulators. And he's right about the political posts, I think some use it to 'distract' from the topic
        of the stock, or China or whatever affects Xin. Just my humble opinion of course.

    • I completely agree with you, however we should not give in to the illusion that the political folk will act according to etiquette. I would therefore recommend you to do what I did, block them. Its great, especially because you can be assured that none of them contribute anything to stock related debate besides silly one liners and substanceless statements anyways!

    • Wow is right, XIN message board is not for political discussion. However, during the 2008 campaign the following statements were made on financial message boards by Wow. So Wow is not innocent in this regard.

      "Idiot Americans voted for an imbicile (by any standards) not once but twice. Now many of these same idiots are willing to vote for the same party that has been overseen the destruction of the US economy and the US middle class. To boot, the Democratic admin also concocted a reason to invade a country (Iraq) posing absolutely non threat to the US. Please tell me why anyone would vote Republican? Perhaps Obama is inexperienced but he can do no worse than the monkey that was making critical decisions for the last 8 years. If McCain cared anything about America, he would never have brought on some bimbo from the backwoods to be VP-one stopped hearbeat away from being president of the US. McCain only cares about being voted into power (only reason he agreed to have this cocky Palin twit be his runnning mate). If he cared about America, he would have chosen someone with experience and brains to be his VP in the likely scenario that his health may become an issue over the next 4 years (and not choosing someone simply for the sake of simply gaining female votes so as to help him gain power). Please explain why anyone would vote Republican other than the overly wealthy who are afraid of an Obama tax raise targeting them."

      "then best to vote for Nader or whoever if Dems and Repubs are useless and those voted in only care about lining their own pockets."

      "socialism works great you fools-look at countries like sweden, denmark, even canada all have health care for their citizens and much better lives than most americans"

      "it is the financials side causing the big mess. I am betting many Democrats and Republicans, including Paulson and others knew that very risk things were going on in the financial industry but because so many were making TONS of money, everyone looked away. Where is the accountability of politicians for this financial mess? they are all blaming the companies but why where was there never any regulatory oversight of this sham?"

      Son, we need to talk. Where did you learn to post politics on financial message boards?

      I learned it from YOU Dad! I learned it from you.

    • 16 more days . Why don't you just not read political posts. I'll be sure not to read your crap from now on.

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