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  • growth.value growth.value Oct 23, 2012 11:29 AM Flag

    Should China Play by The Rules

    @Casey, my opinion is actually very similar to yours. China does not need to play with the US rules, but it does need sound rules. The thing is should anybody expects there is little counterfeit products from China? No. Back to the early days of the rising US, the US had many counterfeit products as well. The key for China is to make less counterfeit goods rather than to expect nothing. Also, regarding IP copycats, while it definitely hurts the inventors in the developed nations, developing countries have to find a shortcut if they want to catch up. Look, do you expect a poor country suddenly smart enough to invent a iPhone? If developing countries always have to pay the full price (high premium) to get IP properties, they will never be able to accumulate enough capital to develop their economies.

    Overall, based on the analogy, I feel China is better off to play a 2 year old rule than a 30 year gold rule when she is 3 year old. Playing 3 year old rule would be ideal though.

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    • I do not want to be cast in defending property rights because there are fundamental issues beyond China's relationship to property rights. As such the subject is not conducive to a BB discussion.

      The only point I will make is it is not good for China to disrespect property rights. As you know, China does not rip off just movies, fairly well, and software, very poorly, but China' ripe off everything. Japan, Korea, and India have all develop some new twists leading to improved development. What is China's new twist? They are reverse engineering going to the moon? What a huge waste of resource with no benefits. Why innovate when ripping off is so much easier.

      BYDs are Toyotas. So much so BYD dealers sell kits to replace the BYD logos with Toyota logos. The replacement work is done on site before the customer takes possession.

      To advance you have to have failures. China believes it can let the rest of the world fail and cherry pick the successes. It does not work this way. China sees this as clever. What it is a lack of understanding.

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      • @Casey, I share the same concern you have. China does have to step up regarding IPs now even though the new standard may still below the western level. The government has its own excuses not to step up rules and the law implement, but at this time China has to sacrifice something to get a more innovative friendly environment, which China desperately needs to get the next level.

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