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  • stock_slayer1974 stock_slayer1974 Oct 25, 2012 9:16 PM Flag

    Need Some Shorts

    You are going to short it again??? You just covered!

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    • No, no, not me. I just meant, ask for the price to fall and ye shall receive. Bab10m's one of those that was cheering and toasting and celebrating my pain on Monday.

      IMHO, cheering another's misfortune lacks class. It's a sin I won't commit, unless I see them do it first.

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      • Absolutely, I agree 100%. In most cases I wouldnt even do it back to them, unless they were real ***** about it.

        I used to follow alot of "penny picks" and warn people that these were going to crash and burn. I would provide facts and analysis (**** you Walrath!), sorry, reasons why the stock was a "scheme" and things were not what they seem even though the touts and pr's appeared extraordinary. Anyways......they would tell me off, sometimes real harsh. Whenever the stock would crash I would not go back and throw it in their face.

        I appreciate your "Trading in the Clear", its clearly honest as you set yourself up for whatever. No "hindsight" trading. Cats here are okay, nobody said anything about your covering and the fact that you could have covered lower, figured they would come out of the woodwork to laugh it up some more. You clearly felt something else when you covered, anything else is hindsight.

      • Agree, it does lack class, and they don't get it when you congratulate them when the stock
        does well. They just have no idea.

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