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  • growth.value growth.value Oct 25, 2012 4:17 PM Flag

    I am moving on

    @Casey, thank you for your good words about my future, but I have to clarify that I did not defend anything. What you saw in China could very likely be true, but what also matters is what you did not see. China is just too large to have things in one direction. I can show things happening in China 10 times more ugly than the one you said, but we have to realize that extreme things mostly just happen not very often.

    Also, Casey, you must know SINA Weibo, a micro blog like twitter. Many comments about China there are 10 times more bearish than your comments. I have well educated myself from the behind curtain stuff they listed. These comments are made by real Chinese people. Do you think they are not so Chinese when you compare them with me? Most time, these people's extremely negative opinions are caused by their own experience, which sometimes can be very miserable.

    My opinion is to know the behind curtain stuff but never only see negative from it. Understand the how the behind the scene mechanism works, but think about why it works that way. My position is different from a man who is ignorant about the darkness. My position is to see the light from the darkness. The world despite all negatives is growing. It does investors no good to just focus on negatives.

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    • @gv

      You are a bright young man. However, your rhetoric quickly devolves to a personal level. Although, some might get a rush from such encounters, I am too long in the tooth to benefit from such encounters. I do not have the time to cultivate relationship such as hmmm26 does well.

      Conversations should be about the exchange of ideas not about exchanges of insults. Your approach to communication makes such exchanges a challenge for a speaker. I think you might be more comfortable with a crowd of listeners. I have ex-wives that have the "Casey, you are too ??????" base covered. I do not need an extra helping.

      Be mindful of the use of personal pronouns and the "be" form of the verb without a helping verb. It would moderate your written English significantly.

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      • Looks like I missed out again on what's happening on this board but just reading GV's first paragraph, I'd go with his opinion, especially when he says ugly. There is a site I used to go to with a guy or a couple of them, who are living in China. I found there opinions valuable. Anyway, they would post links to different events in everyday life in
        China. One link was what I believe is someone using a cell phone probably to record the
        event. It was a group of Chinese guys in some sort of Internet gathering, can't call it a cafe, though it might have been the equivalent. The computer terminals are set up in
        a circle that hold about eight, with two open spots to get in and out and facing outward.
        Doesn't appear any know each other, but one gets up and goes over to someone who
        would be behind him. Don't know what was said, but suddenly the guy sitting gets up
        swinging. But it was what followed that I found appalling. The others are still staring at
        their screens, but one by one, they all enter the fray, beating this guy as a group, busting
        what appeared to be club chairs on the prone person, kicking, you name it they were
        doing it. I don't think they even knew the guy.And they think we're barbaric.

      • Actually ideas and insults are fine. If a person's ideas are stupid they should be told and shown how they are stupid.

      • @Casey, thanks again for your good words, and I will take your recommendations. Since you confirmed your tendency by your ex-wives' examples, I do see we have differences in terms of attitude to imperfections. Maybe my clarification is less than useful. Reasonable posters should already understand my position very well.

        Regarding the insults comment you made, I have to say it depends on listeners. It is unfortunate to hear you take my argument as insults. I thought you have the same tolerance level as I do. For example, I said many negative things about Xinyuan, resulting numerous attacks labeling me as a short seller. You were not one of them.

        Anyway, I enjoy discuss different topics with you. You are certainly very knowledgeable in many different areas. I wish you can be more neutral about China, but I cannot change that, neither should I. If I had the same personal experience you had, (for example, ex-wives), I may have much different opinions towards to world.

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