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  • growth.value growth.value Nov 2, 2012 5:44 PM Flag

    HGSH: $3.17, 8 FOLD IN 3 DAYS

    @GV, it is unfortunate that many critical voters buying the China bashing when the history of China bashing during campaign, which has never been materialized, just repeated by itself. I guess some people just need a target for them express their unfortunate situation, no matter whether the target is valid. They don't care. They just want to let their emotion out.

    Fortunately, neither country is run by these type of people. Last year, I remember the Senate passed a act to punish China on trades, threatening a trade war. However, the House never even put the act on its calendar. I heard the reason why many senators vote for the act is that most senators know that the House will not vote on the act. They just want to send a message to China. I think it is a very smart political move. Since then, Chinese yuan has moved up slowly, as Chinese officials wanted. I have not heard any law makers sounding as loudly as they used to be on RMB valuation again since then. At the end, I suspect without the actions from the US lawmakers, the RMB will appreciate in a similar speed. At the end, China like appreciate RMB gradually and slowly. A sudden re-valuation will make a hard landing in China, hurting the world economy. US officials understand it.

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