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  • ddutchpeter ddutchpeter Nov 2, 2012 12:38 PM Flag

    Investments in US

    Why would XIN complicate their life and buy US development properties? I do not belief they want to be a US developer.. I belief that some big investors whispered in their ear that they want US assets to have recourse on.
    As such a terrific step to gain investors confidence and get the price to 10. Other China companies should follow.

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    • Dutch:
      apologies if southern answer went very specific to the american people without taking into account your nick (you are dutch?)
      Hardly composing while working in my beloved country without using translator.

      No excuse because doing it in the most accurate feasibility: most of those who write here are Americans

      If you're an orange one, truly congratulate because Dutchland is sooo beautiful country having inside one of the most beautiful cities around the world: that's Amsterdam. Beautiful people there.

      Dutch, one more favor please: don't close your eyes during these crisis times, don't turn to the facism with your votes.


    • not only XIN is buying America.
      A lot of latin americans also buying properties there.
      Only one reason: "youthepeople" are full of debts -you spent a lot, more than you have- and your prices per sqm are really cheap for some kind of people with savings above 1 million.

      The other thing you must consider is an easier one: America remains sending a lot of USD (aka toilette papers) overseas to not allow more inflation inside your borders. This was, is and 'll be the policy of your FED.
      The planet is full of your toilett papers and the best place to use them is right there just in the moment when you are cheaper.

      You must be careful voting somebody like Mitt.
      This isn't a menace, sosososo far from a menace, just a southern prediction specialist in "declining middle class" : Mitt surely 'll be your worst president if win.

      As usual inviting all of you to check what did the chinese during last year.
      Look for their most important investment: ......look for surprise.
      They stopped buying american bonds and bought a lot of the Hong Kong and Australian "bossgold"

      Buying American assets is a nice new for all XIN investors.

      South Cosmic Dust (foreign investor loking for the assets inside stocks)
      (long Brooklyn, Ron Paul, Jim Rogers & Hyman Minsky)

      • 1 Reply to horacebello
      • This year China bought 512 Tons of gold from Hong Kong (that qty 's above all the reserves of the most important european countries including the ECB too)

        China also bought 80 tons from Australia from january to august.

        No one expert thinking about a USD disaster, but this year one of your most important buyer -China- is a bit far from their historic pos.

        Take your own view


    • At depressed prices who wouldn't...... Most the best returns the last year have been the REITS.... LAND IS DOWN and the rebound could be very rewarding. CHINA and the US look good.

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