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  • walrathcrai walrathcrai Nov 3, 2012 1:38 AM Flag


    I know some of you think I'm a pompous jerk but LESSBOY has me beat. LESSBOY thinks his big fat portfolio gives him the right to belittle other people. Sounds like Willard Romney. Of course I don't know for a fact that LESSBOY has a big fat portfolio. He says he does. But let's take his word for it. I wonder why someone with a huge portfolio would even post here?? And I wonder why anyone would think that just because they got a lot of money from daddy that it makes them better than other folks. It's ok to insult people. I've done it too. But at least try to deal with their ideas as well. LESSBOY apparently can't do that.

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    • @Slayer and Walt, Ha, well, it's definitely true that Walt possesses a unique ability to drive a person mad.

      When I first met him, Walt's stubbornness drove me up a wall. We also had (and still have) a difference of opinion on the importance of maintaining civility and manners, even with those we disagree with, but after a while I decided it wasn't anything personal, that's just the way Walt was built.

      When I read Walt's posts, I edit out the inflamatory stuff and translate Walt-speak into the more genteel manner that I prefer.

      If you can get past his gruff, annoying, in your face debating tendencies, Walt turns out to be a reasonably bright guy with some surprising depths. But I totally dig how not everyone might view that trip as worth the price of admission!

    • "You're missing the point. Only jerks feel the need to advertise their net worth.

      You think Bill Gates opens a lot of conversations with "I'm worth 80 billion dollars"?

      Grow up."

      Maybe this is directed at wrong person? Walrath was the one who "revealed" his net worth which is what escalated the conversation. To a "poor" person, Walrath is "rich" and has more than he needs. The point is, he opened the door. As reflected above, Less never revealed his net worth.

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      • Slayer, you make a fair point. It's possible my reaction was stronger than it might otherwise have been owing to the fact that Lespheus was one of the people revelling so loudly when I took losses on my last XIN position, joyfully reposting that fact with editorial comment about how much he loved watching me, specifically, lose money.

        But that's not the only reason I dislike what he said. I loath that "You're too poor to listen to" crap because some of the best people in the country: our soldiers, teachers, police and fire fighters, happen to work in professions we grossly underpay.

        I wouldn't be surprised if a soldier or teacher about Walt's age had roughly the same sized portfolio. Yet, I suspect you and I would both scream bloody murder when someone like Lespheus claims that his opinion is more valid than theirs because they're "too poor for their age."

      • I didn't reveal my net worth as a way to brag. I revealed it to show how modest it is. I never claimed to be rich. I have been able to support myself for most of the last 30 years by day trading. I also coached chess along with some other low paying jobs. The fact that I am NOT rich doesn't make my ideas any less valuable. THAT IS MY ONLY POINT!!

      • Good post.

    • You are beyond stupid and proving it more with each post. I made all of my own money. I treat my parents like royalty. They made their own money, as well.

      I never said that your opinions don't matter. But we aren't talking about watching a football game or mowing the lawn here. We're talking about making money. Think about it. Would you go to a dentist whose teeth were rotting out? Would you hire a personal trainer who was obscenely obese? No, of course not. Why listen to supposed financial advice from someone who can't seem to make any money. So simple.

    • Well, I found his posts more inspirational rather than offensive. He is 100% right. I am 36 years and I have not amassed a 120k portfolio, but I should. I have made 75k a year for the last decade, 50-60 the five years before that. What the **** have I been doing?? What the **** am I waiting for? Sure, I have a nice home, a high end gas guzzling SUV, my kids have everything but that **** ain't important! Security is what is important.

      But you can't say what he said to people because they will get "offended". "Were not rich like you!" Or the famous line "My daddy wasn't rich!" Why is it, anyways an issue when a parent is so successful that they give their kids a massive inheritance? "He didn't earn it! Its daddy's money"! SO ******* what! I have even heard politicians use this to push for a higher "death tax" because whomever they are leaving the money to "didn't earn it". Its garbage.

      But this is how it goes, jealous of others and what they have. Now, to the EXTREME that politicians are vilifying successful people. EXCEPT for Hollywood, THEY EARNED IT. Corporations are THIEVES. What a ******* joke!

      Please point me in the direction of the "Wealthy People Message Board", according to Walrath if you have a 500k and up portfolio you could not possibly post here. Or, I am guessing the "rich" must be too busy having sex and drinking champagne to post.Walraths typical response to this always includeds the words "Warren Buffett".

    • Walt, who's "Lessboy"?

    • They wouldnt and he's F----------------------O----------------------------S

    • Pooor whittle walrath. Boo Hoo Hoo.

      Grow up man. You sound like an Obama supporter. "I'm poor... take his money for me" "He hurt my feelings, now take his money" "He looks rich, now give me his money"

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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