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  • bab10m bab10m Nov 6, 2012 11:07 AM Flag

    Worth $10+

    trade at $3+, but I want it under $3 to buy more. Tom Gurnee must go to unlock the value.

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    • who is Gurnee? Thanks in advance.

    • First of all Xinyuan is worth $20+ a share. Second, Mr. Gurnee is doing an exceptional job. The stock would tank if he were to leave.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • $20 is fine with me, $200 will be better, but no, Gurnee has done absolutely nothing for the company. I would like him to go and replace with someone who actually does something for the company and for the investor, in fact, I have written to the CEO to explain to him why Gurnee has to go, I'll watch what will happen. This company is not a fraud in my opinion, but the hiring of Gurnee makes it look like one, we need Gurnee to go, he is not qualified and not motivated. No further useless comment please.

    • How the company manages the New York project will be very critical´╝î the success will push the stock price over the book value. It is not so much about sale, rich Chinese are waiting in line to buy properties in such a premium location through a Chinese developer, the risk is on the management of the construction quality and cost. We need the management to talk more about their US team on the conference call.

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      • "rich Chinese are waiting in line to buy properties in such a premium location through a Chinese developer"

        LOL!! Yeah, right! Chinese people are smart and know better than to buy something from a Chinese developer. The Chinese are known for their lack of quality. The Chinese themselves are well aware of this. Have you traveled in China? Have you experienced the shoddy quality of the buildings firsthand? I have. Even fancy hotels are often put together like crap. Plumbing systems are a joke and all too often stink like crazy, even in tier 1 cities.

        XIN's US properties should do well, but not at all because of what you claim. There is no need for you to spew lies to try to pump XIN stock. XIN has a tremendous number of positives going for it. Don't make up a new one that is a lie and that you know nothing about. How many rich Chinese do you personally know? How many of them are you aware of their desires?

      • Well they'll have to hire union workers in NY and they have a pretty rigid building code in NYC and I would imagine Xin has already figured in the construction costs prior to the purchase

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