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  • hmmm26 hmmm26 Nov 15, 2012 4:16 PM Flag

    Blue Ridge's 13F Filings

    This is a little tricky because there's lots of funds with Blue Ridge in their title, but there's only one that held exactly 11,086,195 shares of XIN on June 30th, but then 0 shares of XIN on Sept 30th.

    To see the filings yourself, first complain to Yahoo that it's total crap that we can't post LINKs, then goto SEC site, and search "Blue Ridge LLC". If more than one come up, you want the NYC fund with the CIK number: 0001062589.

    Then call up its 13F filing dated 8/14/12 (for 2Q). Note the 11+ million shares of XIN it owned. Then call up its 13F filed yesterday and note that it no longer owns any shares of XIN.

    But all that does is pinpoint which fund sold. It doesn't answer the more important question of "WHY did BR sell?"

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    • LOL! Yes...why did Blue Ridge China Partners LP sell? LOL!

      The entity that held the XIN shares. Check the Blue Ridge China Partners LP filing on 2/14/2012...form SG 13G/A.

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      • That form, a 13G, doesn't indicate any sale of any shares. Those are the same exact shares that just got sold in 3Q.

        All a 13G is, is an additional form required to be filed by an entity, IN ADDITION TO that entity's regular, quarterly 13F's. Under what circumstances is a 13G filing in addition to a 13F filing required? When the entity crosses the 20% ownership threshold. Since BR was only at 18%, they weren't technically required to file that 13G at all, although it's always better to over-disclose than under-disclose.

        In other words, that filing is on behalf of the same ownership entity that I'm pointing you to in the top post of this thread, except that I'm pointing you to its Schedule 13F's, which are required to be updated every quarter, regardless of the ownership percentages.

        Where I'm pointing you is, therefore, a much more inclusive, more updated version of BR's holdings.

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