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  • shelly_showman shelly_showman Nov 17, 2012 1:36 PM Flag

    The dog ate my post again

    when addressing Silly_Star_hominid's post that my idea of JAG's selling was 'ludicrous' on a 'penny
    ante dividend difference'. Forget all the history part, I'm not repeating it, but assuming that SSH and Acor are right that JAG (BR) were longterm shareholders, therefore.....

    Yearly dividend paid the 1st week of June, 2011. Being a good little investor, JAG holds his close to
    14M ADS being assured on XIN's conf. calls there will be a substantial increase in that annual divy
    to be announced in conjunction with the annual filing to the SEC in April 2012. This divy is a retro
    active divy for being a good little investor from June 2011 to the payment date of the first week of June
    2012. By February 2012 we know that the substantial increase equates to 60% or .16.

    So how many pennies are we talking about that JAG would have been expecting the first week of June
    2012? 14M ADS x .16 = 1.680M. What did he end up getting on 14M ADS by June 2012 why that was
    560 thousand, a difference of $1.120M. Wow, that's a WHOLE bunch of pennies! Out of JAG's pocket
    and into Xin's many pockets. How so? The company saved themselves close to $6m on an expected
    dividend payment, but heck in pennies that would be ??????

    Sticking with the annual dividend policy, XIN should have been paying.....75 Million ADS shares x .16
    per ADS = $9MILLION payable June 2012. Due to their SUDDEN change in dividend policy they paid
    75 Million ADS shares x .04= 3M, a savings to XIN of close to 6MILLION. And you wonder how XIN
    can play with the figures? Remember what Gurnee is always saying "I'm a financial guy". He sure is,
    give that man a raise, by flipping on the divy he saved the company $ 6 MILLION. And JAG lost out
    on $ 1.120 MILLION. Are those enough pennies for you? A 'LUDICROUS' assumption Silly_Star_hominid??? I think not. And with each cc, you can see the inconsistencies between what
    Gurnee says, as Xin's rep, which differs significantly with what ends up happening. But you forget all
    that, as we're all 'looking forward' aren't we, and for those who just jump in for the divy, then sell (which
    is most of the so called long's strategy do, then buy back after the drop), were not financially affected
    like JAG (BR) who WAS the actual long holder, according to most on this board.

    As Silly_Star_hominid would have you believe, it's ONLY a 'penny ante dividend difference'.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Shel, I ripped off your idea of BR and XIN falling out over dividend policy and made it my # 2 theory on the "Why BR Sell / 2 Decent" thread.

      Just so I'm clear, is JAG just another name for BR?

      • 1 Reply to hmmm26
      • Yeah, I see that as one of your theories. And I did answer you on my 'Don't be upset' post, on JAG.

        Now to answer Silly_Star_hominid. Early in the new year? Is your memory failing? On the February 23rd call, all Gurnee told you was the dividend would be changing to quarterly. The amount apparently was up in the air. In fact Gurnee states the details were to follow in the coming
        weeks. He should have said the coming months, because that's how long it took. After a month,
        Jeffrey starting biting his nails, he kept 'hoping' the news was going to be any day. Of course it wasn't. When you found out the details of the dividend was April 18, 2012, which is not the beginning of the year, not even close to 'soon' after the new year. From their press release in April.

        "BEIJING, April 18, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. (NYSE: XIN), a residential real estate developer with a focus on high growth, strategic Tier II & III cities in China, announced today that its Board of Directors has declared a quarterly cash dividend of US$0.02 per common share, or US$0.04 per American Depositary Share (ADS), payable May 15, 2012, to shareholders of record on April 30, 2012. This is equivalent to an annual cash dividend of US$0.08 per common share, or US$0.16 per ADS, which represents a substantial increase over the previous year's annual dividend of $0.10 per ADS. "

        In three weeks from that payable date of May 15th, you would have been receiving the annual
        dividend plus the .06 for a total of .16. Now this decision of theirs did not affect me one little bit,
        so I have no reason to lie.

    • Anyway we could get the dog all the time on your posts??

    • Gurnee did NOT assure on XIN's conf. calls that there will be a substantial increase in that annual divy!
      He said the same OR higher dividend! Why lie?

      "we want that dividend sustainable and that is our policy from now forward that we will pay the dividend and we hope that that dividend is an increasing dividend year-on-year."

      In fact the dividend went from 10 cents annual in 2011 to 12 cents paid quarterly in 2012. This is, in fact, an increasing dividend year-on-year!

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