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  • stock_slayer1974 stock_slayer1974 Nov 18, 2012 2:54 PM Flag

    People's First Names

    Thanks for sharing Hmmm and you certainly are a veteran.

    My name is Dave.

    My ID would be older than it is (3-5 years). But my old ID was banned which was the same name without the underscore, it was an alias I think. I did have a main ID which was actually my real name which I made an alias because I felt using my real name was not a good idea.

    Anyways, I decided it would very humorous to use Baghdad Bobs quotes on "pump and dump" stocks, especially when they were tanking. I would switch a word here and there but I tried to keep his quotes intact and would not break from character under any circumstance. Just as Baghdad Bob was delusional during the fall of Baghdad, he was just as delusional in the crashing of these stocks. I found it to be "genius" and the few that figured it out thought so as well.

    However some of the things I said could be considered as "death threats" and one poster took my words seriously and turned me into Yahoo. I was banned and so was my Stockslayer1974 alias.

    I am not the kind of guy who likes to use aliases and do not have one currently nor do I intend to ever use one again. I never spoke to myself either, that was a rule.

    If you have time, look up Baghdad Bobs quotes, time passes and you forget but he was priceless. Behind close doors I imagine the Bush Administration had some laughs over his press releases.

    "There are no American infidels in Baghdad, never!"

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