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  • stock_slayer1974 stock_slayer1974 Nov 21, 2012 2:26 AM Flag

    What do you think of the Gaza thing?

    Isreal needs to defend itself from these terrorists. Hamas, does not want peace, they want war. They will not stop until every Isreali is dead. The Palestinian people themselves do not want peace, when they had a "choice" of who was going to run their country, most of the seats went to Hamas. What does that tell you. They want war, Isreal will give it to them.

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    • If I were you I would say you're not allowed to comment because you can't spell Israel. But as to your point there will never be peace unless BOTH sides compromise. When Britain controlled what is now Israel Jewish people resorted to terrorism. They were called the Stern gang. Terrorism is never right and Hamas certainly hurts the Palestinian cause but at the same time they are entitled to a homeland the same as Israel is. Netanyahu is not helping the situation by allowing settlements in what the Palestinians consider their territory. It is in israel's long term interest to seek peace. Netanyahu is not the one to do it just as Hamas is not good for the Palestinians.

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      • Wal,
        You should really refrain from commenting on anything political, especially anything to do with terrorism and national security. You are not mentally equipped to address such issues. When we are no longer a power in this world all you stupid libs will be asking what went wrong. While the answer will be obvious, you will be too blind to see it.

        The US will survive, but not before a "civil war" between libs and true Americans. True Americans, those that appreciate the principles upon which this great nation was founded, will win this war. As for libs, I don't know. Maybe another Isreali type deal where we establish California as a liberal state. We'll ship all of you losers there and let you wallow in your squalor and debt. Sounds good to me!!!

      • They want Jerusalem, should Israel give that up too if they "consider" that their territory???

      • Why don't you just call Don or are you a gutless wonder??? "Things" and "Isreal", pointless. The "Stern Gang", what's next rehash "Slavery". Get over it, we are talking about today.

        Settlements = Rockets Attacks??? I don't think so. You cannot compromise with terrorist attacks, if they want something more, well then terrorist attacks worked last time so we will continue. NEGOTIATE.

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