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  • joefoxx629 joefoxx629 Dec 16, 2012 11:01 PM Flag

    Guns and Nuts

    It really is beyond comprehension. I also don't understand how someone capable of that could act "normal" enough to reach the age of 20 and not display some signs of abnormal behavior. Wouldn't at least his mother notice something, especially if he lived with her? Thank God for quick responders; apparently he had hundreds of rounds of ammo...enough to kill every person at the school.

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    • His mother was the owner of all the weapons the kid had. He killed her with a weapon she owned. One lesson is don't purchase weapons to give to your mentally ill son.

    • Yeah Joe, I agree. I think he kept this well "hidden", aside from shy, quiet and anti-social there are no reports they thought he was a danger, especially capable of something like this. I dont know what it is, but something is wrong out there (in our society). 6 & 7 years old, my kids 7, he just loves school, he just adores his teacher. The whole school is just like that school, they are so good and caring, no doubt they would do the same thing that administration did to try to protect our kids, without a doubt. They would throw their lives on the line just to protect a single child.

      The first responders saved alot of lives, this coward ended his spree when they closed in. But some say he was "crazy" but he knew they would get him, he wasn't up to a fight with someone who could defend themselves.

      Some others that never seem to get the recognition they deserve is the ones that have to work the scene. Can you imagine? I can't even look at the photos of these kids let alone that carnage. It takes a tough skinned individual to endure that, I have the utmost respect for them and I am certain the amount of care and dignity in dealing with the victims is of the highest degree.

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