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  • kotla_sr kotla_sr Dec 19, 2012 4:52 PM Flag

    Fee charged in my Fidelity a/c against XIN

    There is no dividend but a fee is charged against XIN in my a/c. What does this mean - is there any special fee charged for owing a ADR apart from the fees charged during the dividend?

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    • $.02/ADR fee per year and $.01/ADR fee for the dividend . JPMorgan is the lucky and hard working recipient.

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      • Star, when you say "$.02/ADR fee per year" do you mean an annual fee of two cents per share? Are you being charged JP Morgan because they're the depositary or because they're your broker? If it's because they're the depositary, then who's your broker?

        If fees are being charged by depositary banks to brokers, then at least some brokers are paying those fees without passing them on to their clients.

        In my E-Trade account, I buy and sell roughly the same amount of ADR's (all my China stocks and a few other foreign issues) as non ADR's, but I've never once been charged ADR fees, neither annual fees nor deductions from dividend payouts.

    • I have e trade but I called and it is basically because of a combination of the stock being under five dollars and a ADR and being a foreign company. The price can be between zero and five cents depending on the holding company and other factors I named xin's happens to be.02. With any Luck in the next two or three months we won't have to worry about this again

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    • Definitely call your broker. I've seen other posts mention the same thing you're talking about, that they've been hit with fees for owning ADR's, but I've never been charged one myself (and I buy and sell more ADR's than most folks).

      The way I see it, there's only two possible sources for the fee: your broker, or the ADR's depositary bank charging your broker and your broker passing it on to you.

      If you don't mind my asking, was it a percentage type fee? People have occasionally mentioned their dividend payments were charged a 0.25% fee (meaning they received only 3.75% of XIN's 4% dividends), but I've never been charged that fee either.

      If it wasn't a percentage type fee, what type was it?

    • i got hit with fee also

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