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  • hmmm26 hmmm26 Dec 21, 2012 5:43 PM Flag

    LUDICROUS: NRA Blames Movies and Video Games for Gun Violence

    Wednesday, I wrote I was keeping an "open and cautiously optimistic mind" that today's NRA announcement might include a policy shift towards working together on common sense gun control measures.

    Instead, the NRA today blamed gun shooting sprees on movies, specifically "Natural Born Killers" and "American Psycho," and on video games, citing "Mortal Combat," "Grand Theft Auto," and "Bulletstorm," among others.

    If you're a gun rights person, you might want to ask if the NRA's taking actions that are truly in your interests. I'm a good example. Until today, I was undecided on the President's proposed assault weapons ban -- in fact, I was going to write a thread asking both sides for their reasons to support / oppose the ban, in order to learn more -- but I'm so angry about the NRA's lying as to the reasons for gun violence that now I'm going to support the legislation.

    God knows, I don't want to be mistaken for someone who thinks a movie from 15 years ago like "NBK" somehow magically hypnotized kids on a time delay that is only now taking over their minds and forcing them to kill people against their will.

    The NRA's logic isn't even good enough to qualify as the storyline from a #$%$ screenplay.


    OK, but don't say I didn't warn you, Walt: on school shootings, the NRA is calling for more, not less, guns in schools. They want to hire (but not pay for) an armed, nationwide team of rentacops to patrol every school in the nation.

    The problem is that I suspect after a thousand days or whatever of no school shootings, those guys are going to become fat, lazy and unprepared when the real shooting day rolls around. They're also probably going to be the first guys killed by the shooters, after which their guns will just add to the firepower wielded by the maniacs.

    Even if these guys did manage to engage the gunmen, the NRA doesn't seem to mind the fact that there'll be children in the crossfire of the gunfight. Remember the Russian school in Beslan that was seized by terrorists in 2004? Over 300 people were killed in that firefight, including 186 children, almost all of them accidentally killed by the good guys.

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    • "Columbine shows that guards DON"T prevent mass murder."

      You really should be a rocket scientist. In the age of new media, this was the first. Caught the entire country off guard. Try again.

    • "More people would live if we forced auto manufacturers to cap their vehicles at 65 and include a breathalyzer to start the car. It's not just about the death count, it's about entertainment and quality of life. Many people enjoy shooting guns, and far less people die from guns than do automotive accidents based on speeding and drunk driving."

      Walrath will claim otherwise, he will include perpetrators shot down by firearms, hunting accidents and people protecting their home.

    • Chris,
      I agree with your comments in regards to blaming video games and movies, obviously I do not think they are to blame. I believe the individual that was pulling the trigger is the only person to blame. The mother could be partially to blame if she was reckless in storing her weapons, I do not know that she was.

      However, the remainder of your comments seem to be a knee jerk reaction formed because of the NRA's initial comments.

      The NRA cannot mention additional security is needed in schools if they are not volunteering to pay for it? Really? I suppose MADD needs to fund sobriety checkpoints as well?

      Also "more" guns in school when there isn't any guns at all, the school is defenseless. The people who have guns are the "bad" guys and only the bad guys. I don't know if we need to take it as far as arming security guards at school however using the "more guns not less guns" talking point is beneath you.

      Then we are suggesting they will become fat, lazy and be rolled over immediately even though they are placed there to specifically prevent these types of attacks. Compared them to a terrorist takeover in Russia of all places (same place that the Government gassed the theater). These terrorist takeovers involve many individuals whom are not intent on initially killing everybody as, easily they would already be dead before authorities even showed up. So, because of this horrifically gross comparison, we should then not attempt to engage an individual that is he11bent on killing as many people as possible before he takes his own life but rather disarm him to avoid any accidents. I would have to wonder then are the police to come in without weapons as well? These authorities in Russia were highly trained, not rentacops so I assume if we are making these comparisons our SWAT teams should not engage the psychopath directly either as again, they are humans and they might miss. I am sure if they did miss and killed a kid "we" would make sure that the officers were not commended for stopping the carnage but rather critized for not having 100% accuracy.

      If we had to compromise, I would suggest an alert "button" placed in school, no 911 call but rather an instant alert that is sent to the police for immediate reaction. This also would activate an alert in school, to let the rest of the school know immediately that the school is under assault. Preventative measures by way of education so that when this occurs an emergency procedure goes into action immediately. Lock classroom doors, hide etc.

      Certainly we cannot continue without education in these regards, these attacks will not stop and doing nothing whatsoever aside from banning assault rifles is far from any solution. They will come with whatever they have and to expect women (majority) and children to subdue these animals while they're reloading is not the solution.

    • Guns don't kill people. People with guns kill people.

    • I'd like to know Chris, how the NRA justifies blaming video games but not guns?? If people have the right to buy whatever gun they want they certainly have the right to buy whatever video game they want. I would have respected them more if they had admitted that they don't have an answer and were skeptical that anyone else did.

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