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  • bostonsonics bostonsonics Jan 5, 2013 11:00 AM Flag

    what does TA show for xin?

    Anyone here good with TA analysis?

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    • When I first saw TA I got a little excited but then I realized you meant technical analysis. BORING!!

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      • TA Trans Am
        TA Turn Around
        TA Time Attack
        TA Thanks Again
        TA Travel Agent
        TA Technology Assessment
        TA Territorial Army
        TA Transition(al) Architecture
        TA Tuition Assistance
        TA Transit Authority
        TA Transfer Agent (financial industry)
        TA Tel Aviv
        TA To Above
        TA Transactional Analysis (psychology)
        TA Transmit(ter) Address
        TA Target Audience
        TA Trade Association
        TA Total Area (geometry)
        TA Total Annihilation (game by Cavedog Entertainment)
        TA Tori Amos (singer)
        TA Trading As (similar to DBA, doing business as)
        TA Training Area
        TA Trend Analysis
        TA Traffic Accident
        TA Traffic Announcement
        TA Travel Authorization
        TA Titus Andronicus
        TA Tiger Army (band)
        TA Traffic Analysis
        TA Tibialis Anterior
        TA Total Average
        TA Total Alkalinity (water chemistry)
        TA Training Aid
        TA Tom Atkins (Actor)
        TA Tentative Agreement
        TA Triacetin
        TA Timing Advance
        TA Therapeutic Area
        TA Tricuspid Atresia (congenital heart defect)
        TA Trey Anastasio (Phish band member)
        TA Test Article
        TA Temporal Artery
        TA Time & Attendance
        TA Trading Assistant (eBay)
        TA Textile and Apparel
        TA Travel Assistance
        TA Type of Assistance
        TA Time Alignment (audio synchronization)
        TA Temperature Alarm
        TA Threat Analysis (information operations/computer network defense)
        TA Training Agency
        TA Tetris Attack (video game)
        TA Traffic Advisory
        TA Tenancy Agreement
        TA Teacher Assessment (education)
        TA Test Access
        TA Travel Advance
        TA Trade Assistant
        TA Tension Arterial (Spanish: Blood Pressure)
        TA Temperature Ambient
        TA Tugas Akhir (Indonesian: Final Assignment)
        TA Terrain Analysis
        TA Tree Algorithm
        TA Taranto, Puglia (Italian province)
        TA Total Army
        TA Terminal Adaptor
        TA Theater Army
        TA Therapeutic Abortion
        TA Total Attempts (volleyball statistic)
        TA Texture Analyser
        TA Thanks Awfully
        TA Terrain Avoidance
        TA Traditional Authorities
        TA Trusted Agent
        TA Territorial Authority (New Zealand)
        TA Transamerica Corporation
        TA Travel Approval
        TA Towed Array
        TA Team AnandTech (distributed processing team)
        TA Total Audience
        TA Test Activity
        TA Tubular Adenoma
        TA Track Analysis
        TA Trick Attack (game)
        TA Test Alert (Hekimian)
        TA Throughput Accounting
        TA Transmission Analysis
        TA Transverse Acoustic (Raman scaterring)
        TA Terminal Address (computing)
        TA Transducer Assembly
        TA Toyota Atlantic (auto racing)
        TA Truckstops of America
        TA Thermal Array
        TA Training Analyst
        TA Training Agent
        TA Traveling Allowance
        TA Thermal Asperity
        TA Telescope Assembly
        TA Threat Avoidance
        TA TravelCenters of America, Inc.
        TA Transient Alert
        TA Test Authority
        TA Transmitter Assembly
        TA Twisted Animation (band)
        TA Think Attack
        TA Tropical Air Mass (weather)
        TA Toei Animation Co. Ltd
        TA Timing Algorithm
        TA Test Authorization
        TA Transportation Approval
        TA TexAgs (Texas A&M sports forum)
        TA Titulaire Académique (French: Academic Holder)
        TA Time Accelerator (Quake 2 gaming)
        TA Threat Axis
        TA Teresian Association
        TA Temasek Academy
        TA Territory Assignment
        TA Terminates Above (mechanical services design)
        TA Taca International Airlines, El Salvador (IATA airline code)
        TA Task Authorizations
        TA Transfer Aisle
        TA Trainee Agent
        TA Taure en'Arvandor (gaming)
        TA Tiberian Adventure (game)
        TA Transportability Approval
        TA Tracked Aggression (music disks)
        TA TRADOC Airlift Committee
        TA Teaching/Teacher's Aide
        TA Taxpayer Advocate
        TA Technical Analysis
        TA Technical Architecture
        TA Technical Assessment
        TA Ambient Temperature
        TA Table of Allowance
        TA Tamper Alarm
        TA Tantalum
        TA Target Acquisition
        TA Target Address
        TA Target Analysis
        TA Target Area
        TA Task Analysis
        TA Technical Advance
        TA Teachers Assistant
        TA Tactical Airlift
        TA Tank Army (CIS)
        TA Technical Advisory (computer security bulletin)
        TA Technical Assist (computer security bulletin)
        TA Team Arena (Quake 3 expansion pack)
        TA Tasking Authority
        Ta Antenna Temperature
        TA Teacher Advisor
        TA Tangerine Army (gaming group)
        TA Technical Assistance
        TA Technical Arrangement
        TA Tartan Army (Supporters of Scotland's national football team)
        TA Technical Area
        TA Technical Adviser
        TA Technical Assembly
        TA Technical Associates (Canoga Park, CA)
        TA Technical Audit
        TA Technology Administration
        TA Taunton (postcode, United Kingdom)
        TA Taxing Authority
        TA Technical Acceptance

    • I believe acorisk is, but haven't seen him here in a long time. He probably got tired of all the #$%$.

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