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  • don.cassel Jan 12, 2013 12:57 AM Flag

    From the PFE board


    Re: You are the only proof needed that Republicans are totally irrational

    Well that's odd................... because I'm not Repub, I'm a registered independent! And Damned proud of it!

    I'm conservative on some subjects and liberal on others. I don't need to be on a team. I played all the team sports thru school, but I would hate to play team sports now. God knows I would get stuck with some chess playing DORK on our team!

    So now-a-days, I ski, mt./road bike, kayak, roller blade, throw Frisbee, billiards, darts (I suck), Foosball and ping pong.
    If you want to have fun and get a work out, ping pong's the game!

    Which I'm gonna do right now with my wife, Kim. We'll be back.

    PS. I used to race Moto-Cross (MX SX now-a-days),
    But not very well :(

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