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  • blueline_4321 blueline_4321 Jan 19, 2013 11:45 PM Flag

    Give up some of that portfolio Walrath

    And just what does that mean Walrath? How do you know how generous Stockslayer is?

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    • He is using the "guilt trip" defense to make us look like evil people because we "expect" able bodied people to work for a living and not live off the government. He "thinks" everyone that's in the "system" is poor unfortunate souls that try very hard to get by however the evil "white" man keeps them down so they have no choice but to take government assistance.

    • He has no sympathy for poor people so whom would he give his money to?? Donald Trump??

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      • 99% of all individuals that have asked me for money are #$%$. I have worked in many ghettos, lets just say in "transit". During these wonderful adventures I have seen many drunks and drug addicts peddling, do you think I gave them a dime? No, back away from my ******* truck. Also, once my employees desperately wanted to get food off of a NYC cart. So, I took them to one at 5 a.m near Times Square. While we were getting our bagels, one of my employees noticed that ours homeless man was sleeping right there on the sidewalk, right next to the cart covered in newspapers. My employee said, I want to give him some money. I looked at him and said "if you give him a dime, I am going to fire your ***." How do you like that Walrath?

        I will tell you why you are not getting a dollar put of me. A woman in Chicago, near Midway airport was sitting on the off ramp of I-55. She claimed that she had a baby in the car and was out of gas. However, little did she know that I was at this same intersection the day before and I saw her playing her con game. When she got to my vehicle and stated her "problem", I look at her and said "you were here yesterday". "No I waddent". And she ran off, startling the car started and drove off like a champ.

        So I am not giving any money to no peddling con artists, ever.

        A nice pizza tip for a waitress or pizza delivery guy, sure.

        The young man who wants to shovel my driveway, sure.

        A gentlemen in the ghetto used to bug me to wash my windows or my wheels everyday in a Dunkin Donuts drive thru. Everyday, I said no. But I felt bad, he was trying to work. He had a shipping cart full of supplies. So, one day when I was going to get my truck detailed, I decided to give this guy a chance. I knew he would be there, he was there everyday. I told him, I had a job and what I wanted. He did it and did it well. He never asked how much, he just did the job. I gave him $100.00 and he was very grateful, I believe he thanked me a dozen times.

        You're not getting a dime off of me for peddling but if you're actually trying to do SOMETHING, I might just bite.

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