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  • shelly_showman shelly_showman Feb 8, 2013 10:55 PM Flag

    This is what I call 'belief in a stock-NOT'

    LMAO I was checking out some China boards when I came across a poster named Hcomhlu. This guy
    is on almost every China board suggesting they buy XIN. What I find funny about this, is the person
    is such a believer in the stock, he has to use a name never seen on this board, yet he says he bought
    the stock at $2.50. So fess up, who is it that doesn't have the balllss to use a name we'd see here on
    the stock he's pumping? Another true believer in XIN with multiple names. Sounds like this board all

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    • Shell is no better than that guy.

    • Shell - will you just go away ; you have trashed this stock from day 1 that I bought in at.

      I'm up but not from $2.50 mark your complaining about. I even bought in for my receivership grandsons acc. at below $3.
      Can't you just admit your wrong about XIN and let it go or just go take your pick but your neg. post at ol washed up news here to the lT investor.

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 1 Reply to smittensday
      • Look at your post Smitten. First you say I'm complaining about the poster I found on other China
        boards. Complaining? Do you distort everything you read like Wal? I found it funny that someone
        would run around to all the Chinese boards pumping this stock with a name that you haven't seen
        on this board. I find it hilarious, but you see it as 'complaining'? How do you arrive at that conclusion?

        Now tell me why I'm wrong about XIN, what exactly is it that I've said that is untrue? Have I even
        called the stock a 'fraud', or did others attribute that comment to me? Did I post informational links
        or did I somehow doctor them? You have over 18 months of my posting on this stock and China.
        Why don't you go through them and copy and paste anything that I've said that was not true, or
        that I actually said.

        You see the stock price go up because a dividend is due, and somehow I should be saying 'I'm
        wrong?' Wrong about what specifically.I know you want want this to be one happy board with
        everyone being a pumper so it doesn't interfere with your investment?
        Now do I have an opinion on what I think this company's future is? I sure do, and so far it's based
        on information that I've read. But if you notice, I mostly keep that to myself. On CCME, I told
        people to get out. And for those I knew who wanted to jump in to make a fast buck or what they
        thought would be a fast buck, I told them not to do it. I never lost a dime on that stock and got
        out at $19. I never went back to say, I told you so to those who got caught.

    • I first bought Xin at 1.75. At the time my name was Walrath Crai. You can find numerous posts where I have detailed my trades.

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