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  • ddutchpeter ddutchpeter Feb 10, 2013 2:50 PM Flag

    bashing xin

    tell me one thing... why do all these complains about quality appear in the mb the day that stock rises due to dividend? i belief that any homebuilder has complaints and this is merely a bashing action from shorties of buyers who want to get in at lower price

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    • Exactly. You don't hear from these #$%$ for months, but as soon as there is some positive news or price gain they're all over this board like flies on #$%$.

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      • You guys sure do provide the laughs. You say we just show up because the stock is now going up
        and they just announced the dividend. I never left, much to the consternation of fellow board members. And our timing. First I don't speak Chinese therefore I'm not on Chinese speaking sites.
        If it hadn't been for Chinamanny's first post, I wouldn't have known. He reads and speaks Chinese.
        And how can we report on something that hasn't been reported before. They were just given the
        keys in the past month. The demonstration occurred just when Xin announced their dividend. Now that is what you should find 'suspect'. The dividend was not announced when it should have been
        announced, and when they do announce it just happens to be when a demonstration is going on
        concerning the shoddiness of their newest opening in China. Do you think the company may have been trying to distract you? And how about the fact that they increased the divy by .01 at a time
        when a company would not normally increase the divy (ie the last payment in the year?) But you
        are so happy about your divy, you could care less how they are going to be reporting those profits?
        Oh, this is one conference call I want to hear. Tom is so good at the bs machine, this call should even tax his abilities.

    • Ya think??

      Sentiment: Hold

    • that is a very simplistic way to look at things. you have a chance to be right, i am just not sure how big a chance.

      i for one looked into xin after it spiked and during my research, i came across 2 type of materials.

      one type is company pr

      the other type is home owners complaining.


      I find that strange.

    • There are no coincidences.
      Indeed it appears when too many interests are winning or losing.Agree.


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