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  • chinamannyc2003 chinamannyc2003 Feb 12, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    One caveat for a mainland chinese buying into american property

    is that it can be structured as a vehicle in support of immigration from china to usa. To an average chinese family, the most important thing, next to making money, is children's education. They dream of sending their kids to ivy leagues and they need to establish a depot in the american soil. Many of them buy properties earlier so their kids can attend high school in prep for higher education in the usa. This can be the partial reason why a chinese national would buy an american property developed by a chinese firm,,,because the chinese firm has an advantage in marketing to them.

    typically, you see a lot of advertising in chinese newspapers touting immigration related real estate investments in the usa. this is an interesting angle but i have no info how xin is handling it.

    my understanding is that with 500k-750k investment into american real estate, process can be started to get in line for a green card.

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    • if any of you have ever traveled inside china, or lived there, esp the big metros, you can tell me in wheezes another very obvious reason that the chinese want a place in america.


    • This is a true statement. I taught English in China a few years back and about 75% of my students were just in China for the summer and also lived in the US/Canada/UK the rest of the year for high school or University. Also it is evident here at Purdue the Chinese population continues to increase as many parents send their children to American higher Universities. It's become so competitive that many now send their children here for high school so that they haven an edge of getting into a top University. As the Chinese become more wealthy, their investment within the United States will also increase. The Real Estate market will be their first stop and Xinyuan is a great means to that end for many Chinese that are unfamiliar with the United States and do not speak English.

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      • good post and great school. it is amazing that even in the midwest you find chinese students dropped in out of the sky. High education in the US seems to be quite dependent on asian and indian post grads.

        to many chinese families, esp the ones where the older ones are in control, buying real estate to them seems to be more concrete and substantial and less risky than buying stocks.

        I cannot say much about the other american sites, but the williamsburg site is one that xin has to purposely f it up to screw it up. it is in a Hasidic jewish neighborhood thereby considered safer, probably a block away from the subway, and across bridge from wall street and chinatown.
        nyc is always short of living space.

        whoever worked on those chinese buildings better stay home and not step into nyc...

    • *** We clearly understand the diverse needs of the new immigrants who arrived in the U.S.. As investments in property management companies in the United States, we can arrange for professionals to serve you, for example, offers the following services:
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    • with the chinese, everything is for the next generation. if one is well versed with this thinking, money can be made very easily.

      on the contrary, the american society is falling behind in the global scene because it has not competitively prepared its next generation.

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      • But so many are not aware that sucess comes from empty stomachs and less fat! Once Chinese prosper they become lazy. Do not give a lot to your children other than hard work ethic, they do not need any other luxuries, including Ivy League education! good education yes, but cost prohibitive education is a waste. With UDEMY, UDACITY and KHAN Academy the next revolution in edication is around the corner, and even Ivy league is aware of it.

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