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  • jeffreybul23 jeffreybul23 Feb 24, 2013 9:35 PM Flag

    Two more trading days until earnings/conference call.

    Can EPS go up Monday, and Tuesday, in high hopes of the good earnings/conference call?

    After all of the spending on new land last year to build on, I'd like to hear what the actual cash balance is after the purchases. I would also like to hear an update on share buybacks, and hope that they will buy as many as legally possible. Also, book value got over $10.00 a share last quarter. It would be nice to hear that book value is now over $11.00 a share. As long as sales continue, and share buybacks continue, their book value should increase by 10%+ each quarter.

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    • JB,
      Q4 and Q1 will be weak, and the market expects this. I won't be superised the EPS is below 30 cents. But that is good enough for me to stay long and strong.

      Buyback should be limited too, due to the rising PPS. I want to see more publicity of the company and more analyst coverage. Those will be key to the further rise of the PPS.

    • In any case, the trend is our friend

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      • Jin, why are you and some others, trying to downplay earnings for the 4th quarter. It should be an outstanding quarter, based on reports of other developers, the rise in housing sales were the most in two
        years at least. Prices per square foot went up drastically for the past 4 months. There would be no excuse
        for this company not hitting out of the ballpark. As for the buyback on the 20M which should be finished by
        June 21st, there is no excuse there either for not buying back the amount that was stated. Remember this
        is a cash rich company, what was it over 600m in cash and restricted cash. No excuse on either count.
        Nice try though trying to downplay what should be an outstanding quarter.

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