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  • greethelove greethelove Mar 1, 2013 8:58 AM Flag


    Many argue that millions are flocking from the rural areas to the cities thus creating a high demand. Others argue that 90% of the construction of XIN has already been sold. Valid point but please do some research, google a bit and you will be quick to find out that the buyers are speculative investors who do not actually live in the houses. What has that caused? STUPIDLY overpriced houses that the millions flocking in from the rural areas have no means to buy with. What does this mean for you? You maybe getting yourself into a risky situation
    Go to their website and you can find a list of the cities in which they have constructed. Follow the provided links below and you will be amazed at what exactly is going on in china. They are building ghost CITIES not house, like us, but CITIES. XIN is building residential estates in ghost towns….I provided a link to each city they are building in, but yahoo won't let me add links so you'll have to do some work....
    Last note: 60 minutes is airing a showing on Sunday march 3rd about this. Who knows what that may mean come Monday for XIN.
    Zhengzhou, Jinan, Suzhou, Hefei, Chengdu
    Every City they built in is a Ghost City look at some video's online. You'll be amazed. Google it.

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    • You have walked down the blind alley of China, popular media reporting, and the Internet. As the focus is to scare and misinform, you are a China short, Go away troll.

    • I do not buy any of your conjectures because i don't really care either way whether you are short or long, just that if you make a point, you must provide enough information considered to be worthy as evidence. so far, your points are at best speculations. for instance:
      1. you said "buyers are speculative investors who do not actually live in the houses". well, first of all, i don't think xin actually build "houses", rather apartment units. where did not come up with the information that buyers--you did not specify what percentage--do not live in the units??? If there are indeed investors who bought the units and paid xin for them, is there something wrong with that??? what is wrong with holding real estate as investment? you simply do not make sense and certainly do not provide enough info to support your thesis. really, rather low level bashing if i can call it such.

      2. "you may be getting yourself into a risky situation" thanks but no thanks. we are adults and we can make our own decisions. tell me, what is not risky in this world? something can fall out of the sky and drop over your head right now simply by living!

      3. "ghost towns" so you are saying xin seeks out to spend money and effort on "ghost towns" and that 90% are sold out. I say, nice, more "ghost towns" the better. according to legends, orlando years ago was marshland, probably worse than "ghost towns". Is that true???

      4. do provide more info so i can look up what you are cooking. you can do better than the above on directing people on how to prevent financial ruins.

      5. 60 mins airing what? you are so unclear. what's your primary language, English???

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      • 1) Sorry I had to shorten it from my first post, look up China out of the house. I meant living arrangements. % is hard to find information.
        However, like I mentioned. If YOU go to their website you will find a list of every city they are building in. The following are: (take out the hash tags)
        Zhengzhou: youtube- China Ghost cities and malls
        Suzhou: Article-“is suzhou another ghost city”
        Hefei: City of Hefei in Anhui, CHINA 中国合肥2011

        I don't think I have to remind you what happened here in the states when we were building houses that people couldn't afford. Yes 90% are sold, but they will get burned.What do you think is going to happen when all of the speculative investors can't make a return on those investments and pay back...

        2) Okay, I guess what I meant is you should have in mind what exactly you are getting into. Don't just make a blind investment. That's what is wrong with our markets. Its flooded with investments that do no good for the world. People are only seeking out for themselves. You, were right one. Why should you care? Nobody else does. Lets just through sticks to the pile.
        3) This isn't just about XIN. I just hope that more people understand the circumstances under which their investments are build on. IDK about you but I try to find quality investments that are built on strong fundamentals. Right now XIN is building a big empty house of cards
        4) Look up "Phoenix Island". I'm sorry that I didn't spoon feed you man, like you said "we are adults". Did you look up the Ghost cities? Did you think about how the housing bubble will devastate companies like XIN. Maybe not yet, but it doesn't hurt to try and think of the bigger picture. You can take the horse to the water but you can't make him drink. I can't think for you.

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